FDA Approval

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  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 06:53pm



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    Reply To: FDA Approval

Thanks Jim, interesting thoughts.  It does appear that for the masses the Pfizer vaccine has been approved but perhaps other things going on in the background.

Just found and read the Meryl Nass post.  Sleight of hand to preserve liability protection.  That’s certainly believable!

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    FDA Approval

This is very suspicious if we had full “confidence” in the vaccine then why would the FDA do that? There would be no need for 2 different labels on a vaccine if we had the full confidence in it. I am now curious to see what actually comes out of this in which way Pfizer will go. Also I am assuming that the vaccine will be the same without any altercations to it.

Thanks for that information as it can be used for many of the troops trying to fight this mandate.


  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 09:30pm



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    WTF??????? FDA Approval


her exact statement …

“additionally, reports from our international colleagues including Israel
suggest INCREASED risk of severe disease amongst those
Vaccinated EARLY….given this body of evidence we are CONCERNED
that the current strong protection against severe infection,
hospitalization and DEATH could DECREASE in the months ahead
…especially among those who were at higher risk or who were
Vaccinated EARLIER during the phases of our Vaccination roll-out”


  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 09:56pm

    Mario Correa

    Mario Correa

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    FDA Approval

If we get to the point where the vaccine is mandated and we have no other choice, but to take the vaccine, here is a tactic we might consider. Perhaps Dr. Martenson or any chemical engineers in the forum could suggest a means of neutralizing the the vaccine and rendering it harmless For example, in 2008, before going to the dentist to have numerous amalgam fillings removed, a chemical engineer friend of mine suggested a series of supplements that he believed would neutralize the mercury that was going to be released into my body.  Just a thought.

@dreinmund I feel the same way about Mish.


His Austrian deflationist arguments deserve a lot more credit than he ever got, but he goes off on nothing but tangents now.


Before the trump thing it was all about Merkle being finished in Germany.


I stopped reading him during the election.   I’m saddened but not surprised to see his current behavior.


You know the sad thing?   He beat colon cancer By thinking for himself and defying his doctors


“Martenson or any chemical engineers in the forum could suggest a means of neutralizing…



Flccc long covid program is apt here.    I think Dr Tess and others have chimed in.    It’s mostly about ivermectin to bind spike proteins plus other over the counter stuff to help with inflammation.



  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 11:14pm



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    FDA Approval – Eua- requires efficacy of 50%

I saw a post earlier today that states that EUA is only granted for a vaccine for covid if the efficacy is 50% or greater.  ( section 3a. ) I will try to reference the document.

But wouldn’t that mean that pfizer jab is no longer eligible for EUA, mind regular approval?    I think that is enough to refuse in itself.

  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 11:57pm

    Primary Care_MD

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    I vote “no confidence” re FDA, Fauci, rule of law, banking system

Nothing inspires confidence in the FDA like a phoney ‘full licensure’ which only applies to newer vials not the ones already created, because the ones they’ve been giving us all along must have some weird sh%t in them.

  • Tue, Aug 24, 2021 - 12:10am



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I think one unaddressed area is “boosters”.  In a month or two, the “vaxxed” are going to be turned into the “unvaxxed” – and that severe adverse event rate (of about 1%) on the PFE shot #2 will probably rise to some even-higher number, with shot #3.

Pfizer itself, in its document released today, showed the severe adverse event rates for the shot.  I’ve taken a snap of page 24, below.

Check out how the SAE rate jumped from “new or worsened joint pain” from 0.2% incidence (shot #1) to 1.0% incidence (shot #2).   That’s 1:100 rate for severe new/worsened joint pain, and 1:45 in severe new/worsened muscle pain!  And that’s where the pain is so bad, you can’t work.  “Moderate” muscle pain incidence is 19.5%, “moderate” joint pain incidence is 11.2%.

It is also a 5x increase – shot #1 vs shot #2.  For a shot whose efficacy went from 95% six months ago, to 39% today.


45% of people had to use pain meds for shot #2!!

These numbers are high enough that – in a company of 100 people, there are certainly those who have had “moderate” experiences, and it might even be true for “severe.”

“I get that you all took the shot before these new series of facts came to light.  You did what you thought was right.  Now you get another chance to do what’s right, in light of new evidence.  By not imposing mandates, you are preserving everyone’s option to say “no” to shot #3.  Or shot #4.  Or shot #10.

The vaccine marketing machine won’t be satisfied with just two shots.  They have a recurring revenue model.  Within a month or two, you guys – all of you – will be dropped right into the ‘unvaxxed’ box because of “declining efficacy.”  You guys really want to be forced to take shot #3?  We don’t even know how bad the numbers on that looks.  When will this stop?”

Just a thought.

  • Tue, Aug 24, 2021 - 12:17am



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    Humor to break the dire news- the immune system explained by late G. Carlin

This is worth a watch. As he often did, George Carlin skewers the germaphobe narrative in times past with truth. Too bad he’s not here to do the same now as nonsense is guiding the C-V “protocols.”



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