Fauci may have been caught

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    Layers of Deception

Let me add my endorsement of others here  to Sand Puppy’s post regarding layers of deception!

The emerging narrative shift acknowledging the legitimacy of the lab leak “theory” and man made origins of the Virus  feels like a tactical retreat to a predetermined limited hang out.   We saw a similar fall back position from the official narrative  with the tease and release of the Redacted ’28 pages’  regarding Saudi Culpability in 911.

A few facts that I can’t dismiss as elucidated well in Ron Unz’s many writings on the subject,


Credible reports of US soldiers among the  300 of the American contingent  getting ill during the Military games that were held  contemporaneously in Wuhan,  Intelligence agencies  appearing to detect infections prior to awareness of Chinese authorities,    and the statistically significant and disproportionate numbers of Iranian Parliament ( 10% ) senior leadership that were infected and in some cases died as Iran become one of the initial  hot spots at the start of the pandemic.

Considering the facts as known, and circumstantial evidence taken in toto, this has all the hallmarks of  a misguided  Neocon economic/bio warfare initiative  (remember competence is not a hallmark of  their MO)  that blew back on it’s sponsors.   One doesn’t have to be a fan of the CCP with their own set of Orwellian overreach to  see this as a plausible gambit by ‘our’ Neocons’  in the desperate and losing bid for containment of China and stated goal set of full spectrum dominance.

On a side note,  I’m very thankful for Sandpuppy, JimH, DaveF, Jan, MOTS  and the many other super intelligent folks here  including some great new posters appearing since COVID for the non stop sleuthing, analysis and dot connecting over the last year.

While I haven’t posted much, being preoccupied with significant personal life events, I’ve relied on the hive mind here to keep abreast of things.   This is truly a wonderful resource that has emerged around the brilliant mind of Chris and this was no more evident than during his recent forced hiatus.


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    Fauci may have been caught

Fauci was “caught” back around February 2020. Our Global “E-leets” will sacrifice members for the good of the group if need be. If these vaccines turn out to be highly damaging, then don’t be surprised if both Fauci and Gates are sacrificed. The recent leaks concerning both men are to get us prepared for that possibility.



Great points. Though I take issue with the neocons argument. Under Orange Man the dems did everything they could to ensurethere was no containment possible, declaring it racist to shutdown flight etc from china early on. While dems have their share of neocons too (hillary, biden, etc) that term is most frequently reserved as a slur for republicans. Whether or not either party in America benefitted from it, there’s little doubt of China’s direct culpability and involvement, and their very close relationship with many west coast politicians. It seems like the agenda favored the democrats far more heavily and neocon fingerprints are far less subtle than development of bioweapons.  Neocons had no control of that narrative, otherwise we’d already be counting body bags from WW3 with china. Just my perspective

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    Fauci may have been caught – odd meta-narrative characteristics

Just noting the following meta characteristics of this changing narrative which are quite odd, they support the idea that this is a deliberate partial reveal:

-the FOIA came from Buzzfeed and the WAPO – given their strenuous efforts up until the release of the documents to beatify Fauci, what on earth could have motivated these fine media establishments to lodge such an extensive and searching, one might say muck-racking FOIA? This behaviour seems very internally inconsistent.

-some very heart warming articles about a group of citizen detectives who tracked down all the threads and made all the deductions that drew the whole picture together to make the lab-leak theory persuasive eg: https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-how-amateur-sleuths-broke-wuhan-lab-story-embarrassed-media-1596958. All of the articles seem to be very similar, all give the same basic story about the ‘DRASTIC’ group. However, the DRASTIC group members all seem to have quite small Twitter followings compared to their ostensible impact on changing mainstream narrative in part via their Twitter audience. Their website dates to mid-March when it appears nearly fully formed in the Wayback Machine. Most Twitter activity seems to have occurred from March too.

-none of the articles seems to cite any of the other online amateur detectives who have been writing about this story such as Chris or the aggregator platforms such as Zero Hedge or Automatic Earth which have carried their work. Some of the ‘baddies’ names seem familiar but I don’t recognise any of the names in the DRASTIC group or the scientists or journalists who are cited as corroborators, or seen links to this group’s stuff on the aggregator platforms I read. I’m a bit handicapped not having any social media accounts, but I don’t think I’ve seen any overlap between this group and the blogs and so on that I read. I compare this to Alex Berenson, for example, who also mostly tweets his stuff but regularly shows up in references on things I read.

– a further oddity of the DRASTIC group above is the statements in the articles that apparently everything was shared and co-ordinated through Twitter. Many of the articles extol the virtues of Twitter in enabling this sort of information sharing and even quote members of the DRASTIC group commenting favourably upon their set-up. This strains credulity a bit given Twitter’s extensive auto-bot censorship of this story and the fact that everyone else, even well published scientists, who wrote this sort of information on Twitter got sin binned. Are the PTB’s trying to rehab Twitter as well?

Anyway, I don’t know if the group is legit or not – however suddenly their work is being extolled everywhere in mainstream media and even intelligence agency sources are apparently now ‘conceding’ in media quotes that the lab leak hypothesis should be examined. It does seem very characteristic of a co-ordinated partial reveal to distract from something else going on at the moment or hide deeper secrets.


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    Andy in the Sun

    Andy in the Sun

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    Reply To: Fauci may have been caught

Yes Tam I agree, this with Twitter is quite suspicious to me too. I remember Dr. Li Meng-yan after publishing her researches got flamed and banned from Twitter instantly.

As already noted earlier, it seems there is an even bigger story behind. What we witnessing might be half true but mixed with some tactical maneuvers.

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    Fauci may have been caught

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch says that Fauci had a major hand in the FOIA production, in reviewing the emails, deciding which would be released and how they might be redacted.  He said he has never seen this in a government FOIA before.

  • Fri, Jun 04, 2021 - 07:30am

    Andy in the Sun

    Andy in the Sun

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    Reply To: Fauci may have been caught

Yeah Kate, you are right, I have the same feeling and my 6th sense tells me too that we haven’t seen the real story yet. That’s still only smoke on the horizon… not the real fire. Some substantial points do not match.

Now, where it is obvious to everyone’s eye via the e-mails (if he is one of the few with clear eyesight) that there was human’s hand (to be precise Fauci-Wuhan Lab scientists hands) heavily involved, the MM (Mainstream Media) and more scientists are picking this up. And voila… suddenly CIA, Homeland Security, MI6 and the whole gang of institutional sniffer dogs comment that there were indications… (Here I like to hold in honor the Australians – who got, and I was totally flabbergasted by this, totally ignored by the rest of the western media and who stood upright and faced the wrath of the dragon by talking straight.)

But wait a minute… what about Dr. Li-Meng Yan – the researcher who came up with a number of quite detailed reports as early as April last year (there are 2 topics about her here on PP). She worked on the WHO lab in Hong Kong and had to flee from the CPP to the United States (on April 28 last year). Little was to hear about this on the media but the run of Ghosn, the Lebanese imposter (ahh yes, he was CEO) was weeks in the news.

Further, suspicion peaked when I saw all kind of scientists – one by one – dismissing the lab leak. For example even star researcher in the longevity field Dr. David Sinclair dedicated an extra video about the Covid virus and why it is not human made.

So, why suddenly nearby every Youtube scientist jumped on Covid even it’s not their field? Apart from the fact that that Covid provided them material to make another video or two to keep followers happy… we can see that for example Sinclair and his team is using in their experiments viruses to transport gene sequences into cells for repair and re-activation from senescence or repair of genetic errors with the aim to extend our lives.

For the ones who are not aware of this:

And not to mention all the genetically engineering works that go on in the agriculture research. I know that’s nothing new for the PP community.

Then things were clear for me… the lab escape of Covid has the potential of being that to the gene engineering world (and that’s almost half of the bio-science by now) what Chernobyl was for the nuclear industry. More than half of the bio/medial scientists were fearing this event as a danger to their career, their exciting life projects, their fame and of course their earnings. It clearly looks like schoolbook denial of a whole part of our scientific community.

But from a more distant perspective it looks that there is an immense political play ongoing… one that you have only a few times in a century. An entanglement of the individual interests of various groups and on top a group of immense influential people who know that this virus origins from some human intervention but have decided to make use of this event a vehicle for their own purpose. We are not at the end of the tunnel… by far.

Btw. The last bits from Dr. Li-Meng Yan open up a new dimension…


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    Fauci may have been caught

Well done TamHob.  And Andy in the Sun.   Makes lots of sense.   WaPo is the oligarchy.   I read the Vanity Fair article (simultaneously appearing articles in multiple places) and it seemed stilted, long, circuitous and intended to obscure or blunt the conclusion more than support “lab leak” viewpopint.  Lots of “he said she said”.   Talked about DRASTIC but these were names that did NOT seem to me to be big players in the discovery at all.  Like a redirection of the readers attention and a softening of the conclusion.  Muddying the waters.

And they entirely left out the biochemistry of the virus.  The genetic sequence of the amino acids, the use of arginine codons to insert the furin cleavage site, dissimilarity to other natural CoVs, and the lab tech that so easily can manufacture a nucleotide sequence from a typed file without leaving traces.   This is where the hard evidence is.

Like this fantastic summary:




And this thread has attracted a writer active in defending the official narrative using some persuasion techniques but that offer nothing to the discussion.

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    Fauci may have been caught

I have long suspected Fauci was somehow involved in the Gain of Function sleight of hand, and the fact we gave China money after Obama outlawed it here, with Fauci in the loop of the payment makes it had for him to deny knowledge (which he still does, of course).

That said, one must remember that-

1) Fauci is a very loved character. Virtually ALL of my friends gere in left-leaning WA State worship the man, and all but Fox are intent on defending him, while vilifying Fox and alt-right sources for in any way implicating him.

2) The Administration is rather kindly disposed to China, with Administration family members closely tied financially to the CCP.

3) China has done a decent job of destroying direct evidence of a possible lab release of the virus, and are sticking to their original Bat Soup recipe.

4) China is talking about the use of nukes (creating more specifically if we implicate them with the implied threat of maybe using them), and nobody wants that.

5) Almost no one thinks a release was anything but accidental, so going to war over an “Oops!” moment might seem rash. Martin Armstrong floated the plausible theory that Klaus Schwab or his group may have bribed a release under unknowing Chinese noses to force a Great Reset, but again you cannot go to war over a corrupt employee.

6) Unfortunate that 3.5 million are reported dead due to the virus, but that’s a drop-in-the-bucket compared to what our elites would like to see, so I am not sure that number would justify a war, though a good dose of “Righteous Indignation,” and perhaps some sanctions, and a “stronly worded letter” to the CCP would be in order. A good number of those deaths were likely not honest Covid deaths anyway. An associate put a 45 auto round through his brain in January, and the death certificate said “Covid 19” for cause of death, and I suspect that was far from unusual, so the REAL body count was far less than 3.5 million.

7) Fauci may end up at some point being a sacrificial lamb, with others suffering job loss and possibly worse, but we are so engrossed at the economic destruction (still being perpetrated) in order to “Build Back Better” that I suspect that the “vaccine*” scam and “stimulus” packages that will engulf us will dictate future conduct more than some grand blame game and direct retaliation since our hands will be full managing the serial crises and reset of some sort we are bound to suffer through.

Just my opinion, of course.

*Vaccine Scam. I have been a close follower of HCQ, IVM, FLCCC and Chris’ wonderful information from Day 1 (and am using all supplements, IVM, plus laid in a stash of HCQ, IVM, Azith and others from India to add to my dozens of tubes of IVM), but despite a large circle of acquaintances here virtually NO ONE has even HEARD of IVM, still consider HCQ dangerous “Quack” cures, and refuse to strengthen their immune systems. Given the general disinterest I see in preparation (other than baseless fear and lust for the “vaccines” they have sought and accepted), I don’t anticipate a groundswell to pursue the guilty too hard, and are OK with having their jabs, and continuing to wear masks (95% still are here, and most even when alone outdoors 100ft from other humans) and just hoping not to catch the virus.

General Apathy seems sadly to be the officer in charge at least here in my neck of the woods.

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