False Negative Covid Test

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    False Negative Covid Test

Question to the community:

You hear alot about false positive Covid tests.  Well our whole family had tested positive except the hubby whom I am in close proximity with every stinkin day.  We tested him 2x while he had heavy symptoms.  He was also on IVM as all of us were but could it be that there just wasn’t enough virus particles to detect?  Given the cycle thresholds they are testing at, I would think that would be highly unlikely.  You guys have any thoughts around this strange one?


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    False Negative Covid Test

Do you know the cycle threshold for that test?  I heard that the WHO changed their guidance–on Biden’s inauguration day!   They are such nice guys at the WHO.


I recall prof. Paul Marik from the FLCCC say that they see a few false negatives in people who are in the first few days.  I don’t recall the details but could search my notes if you want the link.

Greatly appreciated.. any help would be useful! thanks

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    False Negative Covid Test

Viral shedding is not relative to intensity nor course of symptoms.

Actually, viral shedding is actually higher just before symptoms with covid, similar to a herpes outbreak.  He may have been the original source for the family exposure, and may not be shedding at high enough levels by the time he tested.    Clinically he still had/has covid.    Don’t put to much into testing.  We have seen what you describe in the literature and in testimonies.


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    False Negative Covid Test

I came down with very Covid-like symptoms and treated with IVM. Symptoms were completely gone in 2 days then I went for a gargle test since others were concerned about their exposure. I tested negative which seems consistent with the in-vitro studies showing no trace of the virus after 48 hours (higher dosages). There is no way I didn’t have Covid, it just fit too perfectly and couldn’t have been anything else.

The other week my friend came down with Covid, didn’t tell me until day 4 of symptoms. He tested positive, then he took IVM. He still tested positive again a couple days later. His wife who was several days behind him was just starting to show symptoms when she took it and she was fine by the next day and then tested negative.

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