Fall is underway — what are you doing with your homeschooled kids?

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  • Thu, Oct 24, 2013 - 03:25pm


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    Fall is underway — what are you doing with your homeschooled kids?

My oldest (15) is taking a calculus class at the local college, an engineering class at the high school career center, and an English class taught by a parent volunteer through our weekly homeschool group.  He's also dabbling in MOOCs…physics, philosphy, and computer programming, from what I can tell.  I'm working with him on how to ensure that he's prepared for college and independent adulthood before that time rolls around.  He is in multiple musical groups (bands and ensembles) and plays music frequently.  He's also gotten involved in going to contradances with a group of young people (i.e., without me or his siblings).

Second-oldest (13.5) is taking the same English class as his brother, and also a parent-taught class in Euclidian geometry.  He's continuing to train in circus arts (luckily, there is a circus school in our neighborhood) and is contemplating offering a juggling class for other homeschoolers.  He's also taking a music class and playing in a band and an ensemble.

Third-oldest (11) is taking a lower-level English class (also parent-led), participating in a handcrafts workshop, and helping me teach a song-sharing class at our homeschool group.  She is a serious ballet student and plays the violin.  This year she's moved into independently handling her lessons and daily practicing.

Youngest (9.5) just started playing cello this year.  She's taking English with her sister, doing a lot of reading and writing, as well as handcrafts and a class on drawing skills, and her creative/crafty side is also coming out…all over the house…

The girls do an every-other-week all-girls outdoor wilderness skills program.  They spend all day in the woods with young women mentoring them. 

The boys Morris dance every other week with a group of good, strong, community-minded men.

The boys have been helping neighbors with yard work, and the girls have been helping with childcare (their natural interests/tendencies, though I did not channel this by gender). 

I'm big on "life skills" including having the kids help with housework.  They're doing more dishes, laundry, and cooking than ever before. 

We'll shift into focusing on other things as the year progresses, but this is a current snapshot.  What are your kids up to?

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