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Examples of misdirection

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  • Fri, Oct 24, 2008 - 06:10am



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    Examples of misdirection

Will it ever end? Do I give a damn about Joe the plumber? Or how much Sarah Palin’s clothes cost? I know she is supposed to be a consertaive spender, at least that is what she endorses, but come on! I know its fuel for the Democrats, but why talk about it so much? We know BOTH parties spend boatloads of money on everything. If I hear Joe the plumber one more time I will throw my TV into the street. It’s always misdirection about the real issues. They are not even talking about Social Security, with the biggest number of retiree’s about to use it in history. Incredible. Thay are BARELY talking about the bonuses Bank exec’s are making from the 700 billion bailout. The American news is a COMPLETE JOKE.





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