Ethics of Vaccine Refusal

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    Ethics of Vaccine Refusal

I think the COVID-19 vaccine programme has numerous ethical problems (particularly related to their efficacy in limiting the spread of the virus, informed consent, and appropriately weighing risk-benefit in low-risk populations), but this article articulates a fundamental ethical issue so well.

“Vaccine mandates are a priori defeasible not because they limit individual freedoms and rights but because they discriminate against healthy, innate characteristics of every human. For this reason, mandatory vaccination is not ethically analogous to mandatory seatbelts or to using physical force to remove a dangerous substance from a child. Wearing seatbelts when driving or removing a dangerous substance from a child does not alter their individual constitution, but vaccines do. Vaccination is an irreversible medical procedure, not just a behavioural preference.”

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    Ethics of Vaccine Refusal

I agree,  a seat belt is not a medical procedure. nor is a water or air filtration device.

There should be never a time where we get to play god and introduce something physically into the body without consent of the individual –  There has never been one person forced to under go a surgical procedure by force.  Or even a person who was ever forced to take antibiotics or forced to put a particular food in their stomach or mouth.   Though you could argue that Folic Acid added to food is poisoning the food and does cause known harm to people.  same with fluoride.   Both I consider illegal.  However, it is one thing to ingest something because it may be in something whether contaminated or not, but to knowingly to stick a substance in your body without consent or force is just criminal at any level in and society current or historical.  I see it no different than rape.  But to let the government know exactly where I stand on this, I rather be gang raped that injected with this.  And I certainly do not want to be gang raped.  but I see litttle to no difference in the two.

This is all without even addressing the obvious hazards of the injection, and lack of efficacy.  Or any philosophical or religious beliefs, like the many I have.  Which all states that we do not play GOD, and yes there are risks in life, but we are also given natural defenses.  Unless there is a disease that kills 100% who contracts it and death is inevitable, then and only then, I will make the decision on that.   But right now , I do not believe in medicating everyone because some minority of peoples immune systems won’t protect them.   There is no guarantee who that will be and why.  But, its not our job to control that.   I certainly would never ever give a child a medicine for a disease they may get , especially if there is little or no harm from it.  I owe nothing to the next person to keep from spreading it.  I am not the creator of disease – that is the government.

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