Energy during Dark Ages

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    Energy during Dark Ages

It is interesting to see how per capita energy dipped during the first dark ages ca. 1000 BC and the second dark ages (middle ages after Roman Empire): see the red line in the below right graph, courtesy of Ian Morris.  During the last dark ages (Western Civilization in red), the amount of energy per capita dropped from around 35,000 kilocalories per day to about 25,000 kilocalories per day.  Of this 25,000 kilocalories, 2,000 came from the diet.

The extra 23,000 kilocalories “surplus”-was used for everything else (campfires, horses, wine for the local lord, mining for his gold and silver etc.) and equals 27kw hours of electric energy per day (or 31 horsepower hours).   Most of this 27kw hours is for heat.  For comparison, a small wood stove may do 5kw of heat (5kw of heat for 5 hours duration equals 25kw hours of energy btw) and your oven broiler typically is 3kw, while a coffee pot in a 120 volt country may be about 1kw.  Even now, 30% of home energy use in a first world country is for hot water.  Thus, getting a resilient (solar thermal as CM often suggests?) hot water apparatus can take care of that 30%, and keep this part of a possibly wasteful lifestyle intact without a change in behavior.  The biggest problem is having to maintain the lords (elite) high standard of living by shifting resources from the many to the few as resources run out, but the present federal reserve policy and stock scheme transfer of wealth seems to be doing that now.  The biggest long term threat to the elite in this regard is local production of both energy and food and unwillingness to give to the elite without an ongoing war as an excuse.  Fortunately for them, a pervasive surveillance state and mass media driven war will solve that problem.

Those of us who choose to ignore the mass media (preferably abandoning the smart phone) and go to the country to start (or join) a community are a threat to the new feudalism, unless the resilient communities we build become integrated into the surveillance state, with modern computers, microchipped appliances and especially electric grid hookup, which for this purpose the elite will probably make mandatory.

I see two energy issues: 1. how much energy can we make and use locally and 2. how can we keep it (not give it to the elite).

Electric utility grid hookups are very important for the elite to 1. take energy from the people if they become resilient and energy increasingly is made locally and not shared with the lords and 2. monitor the people as most modern surveillance systems use the electric grid as a conduit for those smart appliances and solar/wind energy devices to tattle.
A policy to a. not communicate (ie. live within the matrix created by the masters of propaganda funded by the elite) (it helps that we are too stupid and poor to bother with in the country) and b. avoid the internet of things and complete surveillance via smart everything, by avoiding connections or thwarting the connections (mostly from 5G but also from electric utility).  This electronic devices independence (use/repair old appliances is helpful) is needed by anyone who wants to avoid the fate of a new serfdom, which like the old serfdom is based on ENERGY PRODUCTION.

We are in serious trouble here.  Because of world overpopulation I cannot see even getting back to 27 kilowatt hours per day per person on the planet based on renewable energy alone.  The number of elite (or those who consider themselves elite or wannabes and willing to kill to confirm that conviction) already outnumber the population of the world back when we relied on burning down the forests etc for 27 kilowatt hours per day.  For comparison, 1kw of installed solar panels at a temperate zoned location (Hiroshima) only yields 3.6 kw hours per day on average.  We need 7.5 kilowatts of installed solar per person just to get us back to middle ages energy use if relying only on solar.  (A separate interesting topic is how to best use this energy because technology allows amazing things to be done with such lower power).

Keeping our local renewable energy out of the hands of the elite should be an important strategy, based on this thinking.  In the last dark ages, they took most of it from us.  There are many more of them this time, they cannot feed themselves and are helpless.  They must steal from us to survive, and they are developing total surveillance of us.

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