Election Integrity

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  • Sun, Aug 26, 2018 - 04:11am

    Chris Martenson

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    Election Integrity

The Video Update for the week of 8-24-18 concerned election integrity, or the lack thereof in the US.

Here it is:

In it I present the following graphs:






Taken together these charts, to me, provide convincing evidence of systemic vote irregularities that cannot be explained as somehow normal statistical anomolies. 

They speak to a profound lack of election integrity.

I do believe that the US elections have been compromised. We all know this, and yet the internal response has been to project that failure onto a convenient external boogeyman: Russia.  

The only problem is, that's a nuclear-armed boogeyman who understands there's a lot of corruption in the US voting system all on its own — as well as anybody with a high-school level appreciation of statistics.

That neither major party says boo about any of this, nor the MSM, tells us everything we need to know.  It's the agreed upon system of divvying up power in the US. 

Both parties are corrupt and complicit.  It helps to explain the 11% approval ratings of Congress and its 98% re-election rates.

This conclusion comports with exit polls suddenly having become unreliable over the past few years — to the point that the MSM, rather than accepting the Occam's razor explanation, has gone the route of attempting to explain why exit polls are no longer reliable.  

That's the discussion we should be having, of course.  So let's have it.

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