DVD Email Support

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    DVD Email Support

My name is Ronald Altic. I
posted this on several other places on the forums, but after some
direction from dps and others, it seems that this is the most
appropriate place for it. 

I am a Martenson Brigade member who is
sending Crash Course DVDs to friends and family. I am also donating copies to
my local library system. A third initiative is as follows and is the reason for
this posting:

Recently I sent The Crash Course DVD to Jim Lehrer of The News
Hour, Charlie Rose and Bill Moyer of PBS. With the amount of information these
individuals must be receiving I am concerned that the DVD might simply be
discarded by them even though I included a letter of explanation with the DVD.
I believe, though, that any one or all of them would be influenced by a large
number of Emails urging them to review The Crash Course. The end result would
likely be an interview with Chris Martenson. Their Email addresses are as

Jim Lerher       [email protected]

Charlie Rose     [email protected]

Moyers       [email protected]


of you are probably sending copies to government officials, talk show hosts,
journalists and other influential individuals. Basically, I am suggesting that
those who are interested in Email support for the copies you have sent, simply
post the name and email address of those to whom you have sent copies. That way
Martenson Brigade members can send Email messages to those influential
individuals encouraging them to check out The Crash Course.  

Appropriate would be the word: For example, it
might be appropriate for me to send an Email to Charlie Christ who is the
governor of my state if someone else had sent him a Crash Course DVD, where it
might not be appropriate for me to send one to Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the
governor of
California. It would be
appropriate for anyone to send an Email to any national figure.


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    Re: DVD Email Support

Good idea Ronald. Someone had just told me this week to contact Bill Moyers about the crash course. I’ll email those 3 guys for you.

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    Re: DVD Email Support

I finally got my DVDs today!


I immediately drove to my dentist and left one with her.  Then over to the Broomfield public library where I left one with the head librarian.  Later in the afternoon, when I picked my son up from school, I left one with the secretary to give to the principle of Broomfield Heights Middle School. 

My 13-year-old has listened to the first 12 chapters with me.  He says he is understanding it.  If that proves to be true, then they will be talking about it at school soon.

… Don

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    Re: DVD Email Support

Hi Dad!

Thanks for sharing this with us.  I think it’s a great idea and a good way for getting the word out to some important people.

So, the concept would be for any of us who send DVDs to influential individuals to post their contact information (email, phone, etc) so that the rest of the group can support the initiation, talk up the DVD, and make the effort more effective and make them more likely to actually watch it.


Glad to see you finally joined, by the way!


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