Drawbacks to Chronic Prophylaxis?

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    Reply To: Drawbacks to Chronic Prophylaxis?

LBL et al.,   Zinc acts to raise the cell pH to slightly basic, which stops protein synthesis.  That is why you probably don’t want to take it every day – your cells need build proteins!

But when you get exposed to a virus, stopping protein synthesis means the virus can’t replicate.  That appears to be the mechanism by which zinc defends you.  You do without protein synthesis for a few days until the virus has been destroyed.

Zinc doesn’t go through the cell membrane too easily.  THAT is why if you  are going to take it, you want to take it with an ionophore which will aid transport through the membrane into the cytoplasm.

At least that is what I have gathered from reading a few papers.  I think we are still in the early stages of learning about a lot of these things.

P.S.  IMPORTANT:   I would expect that taking a lot of zinc would be one of the smartest things you can do if you are getting jabbed!  It should interrupt spike replication from the mRNA that gets delivered to the cell.

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    Drawbacks to Chronic Prophylaxis?

I’m watching to see if we need to defend against spike shedding. there’s been a lot of theoretical talk and some anecdotal evidence but I haven’t encountered any strange feelings after being around vaccinated people — yet.

imo, the spikes are the enemy. they’re *much* smaller than the full ‘virus’ and can travel anywhere in the body with full access. IVM (and NAC?) may be necessary to catch and dispose any spikes that we might pick up from other people. all theory atm.

personally, I don’t think the full virus exists; just the spikes from vaccinated people. I therefore expect that ‘outbreaks’ will occur where vaccinations are high — although the authorities might mess around with the definitions and numbers just to keep us in the dark. Israel comes to mind.

many of Gates’ experiments involved creating pandemics by injecting viruses into people who thought they were getting vaccinated. the same for Fauci. AIDS was spread (intentionally) via the Hepatitis vaccines.

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