Dr. Richard Fleming – huge new evidence re blood damage

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  • Wed, Oct 27, 2021 - 12:06pm



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    Dr. Richard Fleming – huge new evidence re blood damage

Dr. Fleming’s new, compelling evidence will serve to bolster the legal actions underway.

While the legal actions are not moving as fast as we would like, I remain confident that they will ultimately be successful. We just have to hang on tight until they are!


Attorney Melinda C. Mayne and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page ‘Request for Investigation’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague back in April 2021 alleging the UK Government and its advisors were complicit in crimes against humanity in the name of Covid-19.

On the 28th of April 2021, the pair received a formal acknowledgement from the ICC and were assigned a case number – ‘141/21’. Since then, the pair have been gathering new evidence to use in their ICC claim and have established connections with lawyers and research scientists from around the world.

A new press release released on the 17th August, which can be viewed here, confirms that the pair have received sworn affidavits from leading experts including research scientist and nuclear cardiologist Dr Richard M. Fleming, the Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc  A. Montagnier, and Dr Kevin W. McCairn, a neuroscientist and expert on neurological disease. …

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)

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