Dr. Mercola/Dr David Martin interview – outstanding

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  • Mon, Oct 04, 2021 - 01:25pm



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    Dr. Mercola/Dr David Martin interview – outstanding

I’ve seen a few Dr. Martin interviews – all very good -but this was outstanding. The more Dr. Martin speaks – the more I love him. He offers solutions during the last 15 minutes – which includes “conscience communities”

He states 2027/2028 will be the end of the Big Pharma regimen. Unfortunately for many of us in the job or jab category or “mandate the shot for my infant states” or “can’t go to school without inocculation,” we don’t have till 2027/2028. Mercola and Martin stress to keep refusing.

I don’t know how long the video will be up on this source but you should be able to find it elsewhere..

Mercola interviews David Martin, PhD — COVID fraud and illegal dealings


  • Mon, Oct 04, 2021 - 09:12pm

    Jane B

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    Dr. Mercola/Dr David Martin interview – outstanding

Thank you for posting this…Dr. Martin also believes the Great Reset won’t happen…it’s nice to have hope


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    Central bankers sacrifice Fraudci and Gates to salvage their Great Enslavement

I strongly agree with Dr. Martin on the issue of patents; they are the smoking gun that establishes foreknowledge, and a criminal conspiracy. Covid is part of a much larger operation, which began 20-30 years ago, and includes wiping away sovereign and corporate debt, and universal ID. It also includes greater surveillance powers for the IC (the secret police), and a massive wealth transfer, to create a class of global elites that cannot be charged with any crime, ever, let alone imprisoned.

I agree that Fauci is a sociopath, but neither he nor Bill Gates is the ring leader. Just puppets serving the central bankers.

I agree the “vaccines” are part of a depopulation agenda. After falling far short of the target of injecting 90% of the US, TPTB are throwing Fauci under the bus. (note the upcoming release of RFK Jr.’s book, on Nov 9. Yes, everyone is controlled opposition. Everyone.)

The global elites are using people we trust to try to convince us that they, the billionaires, aren’t, in any way, responsible for engineering SARS-CoV-2, for creating the pandemic, for the disastrous response, for the Versed murders, for the deaths from the injections, for the decades of hollowing out the domestic manufacturing base, the current supply chain disruptions, shortages, rising prices, the rapid erosion of purchasing power. Because if we knew that they were, we’d reject their ideas for resetting the world economy.

Dr. Martin suggests that the economy will crash in 2028. I’m thinking it could be sooner. Like, maybe, this month. October. Or November. 2021. TPTB really want us to think we have years to prepare for it.

Further, I disagree with Dr. Martin when he said CBDC won’t happen. Why? An EMP would not disable digital currency, as long as the main servers are ‘hardened.’ I envision an EMP being used to launch ‘The Great Reset.’ i.e. power down the whole system (except the the parts that spy on us, and store all of our data, like Facebook, Google, Palantir, Clearview AI, BGI Genomics, The Utah Data Center /CNCI).

The DoD won’t trigger the EMP until the central bankers give the thumbs up. There’s way too much money already invested in the technology. China’s already doing it.


I agree with Dr. Martin that we need to build communities of support.

For some reason he forgot to mention stocking up on food, water, medicines, barterables, and making sure you have shelter, precious metals (h/t Lynette Zang).

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