Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

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  • Sat, Feb 27, 2021 - 09:33am



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    Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

This link may already have been posted, if so I apologize. It’s a Youtube video interview from 17 Feb with a guy called Dr Been

Some interesting takeaways come from Dr Marik’s answers in the Q&A section at the end:

·      Longhaulers can try taking a 2-day course of IVM
·      No interaction between IVM + vaccines
·      Continue to take IVM prophylactically until at least 2 weeks after your second dose of vaccine
·      He has been vax’d but still takes 12 mg of IVM before travelling
·      High risk – e.g. travelling – continue to take IVM even after vax
·      No need to protect the liver from IVM
·      Absolutely safe for kidneys
·      Much better to take IVM with food than without (IVM has a stronger presence)
·      Almost impossible for coronavirus, even the variants, to develop resistance to IVM


  • Sun, Feb 28, 2021 - 09:58am

    Matthew Isaacs

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    Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

Great session, well worth the time (although it’s long)!

  • Mon, Mar 01, 2021 - 04:58pm


    Jim H

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    A note for those whose horses prefer capsules over eating paste

I had been imagining this for a while but only pulled it off today.  This involves a 1/8 inch drill bit (cleaned) and some empty 000 size gelatin capsules as can be sourced at most health food stores, or of course Amazon.

Step one is to drill the cap on your apple-flavored horse paste, from the inside outward.  When you replace the cap, you will be able to dispense a small spagetti-like strand of paste, which is easy to direct into the long end (inside end) of the capsule.  Pop the top on and you are all set.  I wasted the first bit of paste pushing the syringe forward to the “zero” pounds mark, but it’s easy to dispense to your desired horse weight with good accuracy after that.


  • Mon, Mar 01, 2021 - 06:05pm



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    Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

Nice invention, Jim!  I like it.

Although by now I am used to the pastey-tastey and barely flinch anymore.

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    Re: A note for those whose horses prefer capsules over eating paste

Mr Ed says he prefers the Durvet brand from Tractor Supplies much more than the cheaper Horse-Health brand from Bomgars.  Typically Mr Ed just licks a 50# dosage once a week and then quickly follows that apple-scented goodness with a piece of strongly flavored gum.    Mr Ed also says he’s been on IVM for 3 months now and feels fine.  Mr Ed says “screw the nano-particle jab in the arm crap”, as he thinks Bill and Tony are up to something…..

  • Mon, Mar 01, 2021 - 07:57pm   (Reply to #3)

    Mohammed Mast

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    Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

questions for jim the engineer.

is your tube half full?

is your tube half empty?

is your tube under engineered for its intended purpose?

lol good work jim

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    Dr Marik on IVM – good tips!

Ivermectin review article by Kory et al, that was previously provisionally accepted for publication, has now been rejected by the journal with no reason given.

Something fishy going on for sure.

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