Dr. Judy Wood 9/11

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  • Thu, Sep 20, 2012 - 12:56am

    J Kovacs

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    Dr. Judy Wood 9/11



Has anyone listened to Dr. Judy Wood (ph.d.) on her Direct Energy Weapon?  Her argument is that a D.E.W. was used on 9/11 to take down the Towers?  The interview is pretty good and does raise other questions. 

She also wrote a Book:  Where did the Towers Go?


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    jneo wrote:Has anyone


Has anyone listened to Dr. Judy Wood (ph.d.) on her Direct Energy Weapon?  Her argument is that a D.E.W. was used on 9/11 to take down the Towers?  The interview is pretty good and does raise other questions. 

She also wrote a Book:  Where did the Towers Go?


I'm familiar with her work and the observations she has made about 9/11. I am also aware of the animosity that has built up between the various "truther" camps notably those that support controlled demolition theory and those that support the DEW theory.

I am still of an open mind until a real investigation with subpoena power is conducted. Until then however my belief is that whoever was behind the destruction of  WTC towers 1, 2, & 7, to ensure the "New Pearl Harbor" produced the intended  widespread public shock in order to pursue their geopolitical machinations, they would want to make absolutely sure that those towers came down and it didn't "fizzle out", a rather embarrassing scenario! A hole or two in a building made by a plane wouldn't cut it as a pretext to go to war, or pass the Patriot Act. The sad fact is that the death of many innocents is what they needed.

As such, and knowing from a structural engineering standpoint the towers were designed to support 2-3 times the loads they might be subjected to, the energy required to destroy these structures would have to be enormous. And to ensure the job destroying them was done successfully one would want to be extra prudent and add in a lot more energy than the minimum necessary to avoid any possibility of "mission failure".

This brings me to conclude that without some sort of top secret "Manhattan Project", DEWs have not yet reached such an advanced stage to ensure, without doubt, complete 'dustification' of these enormous towers. High tech nanothermites however are a more tried and tested method that would give the confidence required without a doubt. There is always the possibly that both methods could have been used on 9/11 to avoid any possibility of mission failure.


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I consider Judy Woods and her buddy Jim Fetzer's death star theories intentional misinformation in order to discredit any real independent investigation.  The only theory I will consider is one that is based on verifiable facts.  What fact do Woods and Fetzer present?  The one I heard Fetzer talk about was about the collapse of a single vertical column that was still standing after one of the twin towers collapsed.  That column was severely compromised structurally and had a lot of that pulverized concrete on it.  Fetzer claims that the dust that appeared after that last column went down was proof that an ultra ultra high power beam brought it down.  Of course none of that dust was vaporized, but that does not worry W&F.  He must assume that this beam also created those pools of molten metal.  The power required to do that would have brought down the entire grid in at least the entire northeast.  They then bring up the exploding cars at the base of the towers as more proof.  I remember watching a same day interview of a guy who witnessed the base of the towers open up and flames bellowing out.  If a death star weapon was used why wasn't this guy vaporized?

This reminds me of a weapon system that the military was trying to develop to knock out incoming ICBMs etc.  It used a chemical laser that was so large that a 747 was required to fly it.  It was barely able to knock out a thin skinned missile under tightly controlled conditions.  Knocking out hundreds of steel I-beams with +4 inches of flange thickness with a Fetzer Folly weapon is laughable.

I personally believe the tooth fairy brought them down.  🙂  I have as much evidence as Woods/Fetzer.

PS:  I am also a structural engineer and have done a lot of finite element analysis for decades.

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    Interesting article.I heard

Interesting article.

I heard that the jet fuel was not hot enough to melt the Twin Tower's steel beams – so there must have been an alternative method, as you mentioned.

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    Dr. Judy Wood 9/11

When was the last time you barbecued anything – and built the fire 2 feet or 200 feet above the thing you were trying to heat ?

Look at the photo of WTC1 & 2 burning.  A small amount of heat 500 feet in the air.

You were told that was sufficient to heat the steel structure @ 100, 200, 300, &400 feet off the ground – to the point of heating.

Also, dozens of first responders came forward in the days after 9-11 and said plainly, “looked & sounded like a controlled demolition”.

Their testimony was ignorred.  Yet, normally, the testimony of first responders is front and center in any criminal investigation.

And of course there is the part about WTC7 being demolished via controlled demolition.

It is amazing how Americans refuse to believe their own eyes – and their own experience cooking food – and buy the Official nonsensical explanation.

Americans lost their nation on 9-11 and apparently are not planning on getting it back.

  • Tue, May 11, 2021 - 09:27pm


    Arthur Robey

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    Reply To: Dr. Judy Wood 9/11

Incredulity is not an argument.

Consider these seemingly unrelated facts.

  • The USA is joined at the hip to both Israel and the House of Saud.
  • The moon is exactly placed to perfectly occlude the sun
  • The moon sounds hollow.
  • We were well aware of the exponential function in 1974. Dr. Gerard K O’Neil offered us the perfect solution. We decamp to the leGrange points and make astronomical profits. He offered it up to Congress for their consideration and they turned it down in favour of bombing rice farmers in Vietnam. (They knew something we don’t)
  • We never sent Apollo 20 to the moon. (Why not? It was a sunk cost.)
  • The military lie as a matter of cause.
  • When a primitive civilization meets an advanced one, the inferior one is eliminated.
  • Einstein conflated mathematical dimensions with physicals ones and invented his bent nothingness. Pari Spolter is attacking Newton, perhaps surprisingly. (No Gladys, we don’t know everything about everything.)
  • Townsend Brown offered up his anti-gravity devices to his friend, Admiral Rickover in 1957. A working demonstration, no less. Admiral Rickover told him to cease and desist. Why? The Navy was not interested in anti-gravity? Of cause they weren’t. That would be cheating!
  • Catherine A Fitts and Prof. Skidmore found $21 Trillion Missing from the books. And then the accounts department stopped co-operating. (21 Big Ones buys you a whole new civilization)
  • And then there’s Operation High Jump.
  • And the undeniable crop “circles”.

Not enough? I have others. (Did I mention the non impact registered on the seismographs on 911? (Dr. Judy Woods)

My point here is that we are not being told the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

What we have got is Models of Reality.

Drawing upon the evidence. The moon is artificial, hollow and owned by somebody else, and No, they are not giving Dr. O’Neil permission to dismantle it for his le Grange project.

In fact they withdrew any invitation, implied or otherwise, for us to visit the moon, until we got our act together. (Getting our act together means dropping the population by 2/3, hence the gene modification fracas)

So the MIC chanced their arms and sent Clementine, a military spy satellite around the hidden side of the moon to search for targets. Those who built and own the moon took a dim view of this and responded by telling the MIC exactly what and when their response would be. 911, Downtown NYC, the twin towers turn to dust.

The MIC was unable to respond. So they did what they always do, they confabulated a layer-cake of lies. Jeb Bush, mini-nukes, Jews, Arabs, airplanes, thermite; all garbage.

Further study: “Who built the moon?”, “Walking Among us” Dr. Jacobs, anything by Linda Moulton Howe and others. “The Thunderbolts Project” on Youtube and especially the implications of the results of the SAFIRE experiment. Apologies to those I have left out.


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    Dr. Judy Wood 9/11

You tell me: what do you think happened to WTC7 ?

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