Dr. Judy Mikovits & Mike Adams on Fauci fraud, NIH corruption and more

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    Dr. Judy Mikovits & Mike Adams on Fauci fraud, NIH corruption and more

On bitchute Bombard does a critique of Dr. Mikovits body language.  She came across as sincere and truthful.  Bombard also did one of Dr. Faucci where he was highly stressed.

Not sure how to copy videos yet from bitchute but Bombards body language videos are very good.  She was a professional interrogator in a past profession I think.


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    Chris is Talked About in the Interview Beginning at the 7:23 Mark

What’s up You All,

I’ve been meaning to and was going to this morning post this interview in the latest comments section of whatever is the newest Corona virus video but was so happy to see a whole thread already started on the Interview.  Besides getting this interview into the eyes and ears of PP readers/listeners I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Mike Adams starts talking about Chris at the 7:23 mark in regards to something which has been discussed on this website.

Adams is clearly an enthusiastic CM PP concurring follower.  I have been going to his site for years for the nutrition information and in recent interviews or just discussion videos he has brought up Chris and PP and the virus videos.  Mike Adams is definitely on board with most of us here on this site in regards to what has been brought out into the open here in regards to this virus, nutritional treatment aspects or food as medicine, HCQ, The Fed, healthy immune systems, non-science aka fake science, politicizing, corruption…you name it.

In regards to Keenan’s comment I was going to make a comment similar to AKGrannyWGrit and tbp (thank you very much for getting the party started) that the nutty persons are the ones that go along with the obvious lies and can’t see their own hands before their faces…

We will be learning so much more before the year is over in regards to the discovering of the true facts (current facts maybe wrong).  I can’t wait to see how more and more persons are going to wake up to the nightmare that they have been dreaming and begin to dream a different more loving the Earth and all the life on it including us humans DREAM.  It will be so much better than this anti-Earth, anti-life, anti-human nightmare dream that I too am sometimes caught up in.

My best suggestion is to not fear the truth no matter where it may lead, keep an open mind and allow the proverbial rug to be pulled from underneath your feet and be welcoming and happy when that happens.  And remember, it’s not easy because the bigger they are, the harder they fall and that goes for old, big belief systems.  I know so many individuals that are enlightened one day and then the next day they’re right back to their old belief.  I guess it’s kinda like in the movie Godfather III when Michael Corleone says something like, “Every time I get myself out, they pull me back in”.

If I believed in luck, as the masses do, I would say in the vernacular, Good Luck!  But instead I will say, Have Fun and Don’t be Afraid.

Peace for Real,




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