Dr. David. Martin – The Criminal Conspiracy

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    Dr. David. Martin – The Criminal Conspiracy

I just listened to the almost 2 hour video of Dr. David Martin w/ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.  It is MIND Blowing!  This whole Pandemic was planned and Dr. David Martin talks about the over 70 patents that will prove this.  We are talking RICO!

“This, My Friends, Is the Definition of Criminal Conspiracy…This Is Not a Theory. This Is Evidence.”  https://truthcomestolight.com/dr-david-martin-w-dr-reiner-fuellmich-this-my-friends-is-the-definition-of-criminal-conspiracythis-is-not-a-theory-this-is-evidence/

The video clip below is one interview from the 60th session of the Corona Investigative Committee, livestreamed on July 9, 2021, which can be found at Corona Ausschuss – Ausweichkanal channel.

In this interview, Dr. David Martin shares a summary of his decades of research related to this global takeover via “scientific and message control”, following a trail left via US patents. His company M-CAM has reviewed the over 4,000 patents that have been issued around SARS coronavirus, including a comprehensive review of the financing.

Contributing to the conversation are Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg,  Attorney Viviane Fischer and Prof. Martin Schwab (legal advisor to Corona Investigative Committee). See below for partial transcript and links.

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    Dr. David. Martin – The Criminal Conspiracy

Thanks, campercat, for your post, and the effort to inform us. Your help is appreciated!

With all due respect I am trying hard to keep all the content with regard to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and the legal discovery process, interview sessions and related things on one forum, which can be found here:


Part of the problem here at PP is we lose valuable info in the sheer volume of comments and new forums that are created every day. I am particularly attached to the work of the Corona Investigative Committee so I am doing my best to keep the forum I created updated and relevant. I don’t mean to step on toes but that one forum is important to me.

Thanks 😊🙏🏻


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    Dr. David. Martin – The Criminal Conspiracy

Here is the pdf of Dr David Martins paper.


Suggest everyone download it because these thing tend to disappear…..

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    David Martin on JHK podcaST

KunstlerCast 347 — Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events



  • Sun, Jul 25, 2021 - 09:04pm

    Erik Turner

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    Dr. David. Martin – The Criminal Conspiracy

Definitely seems like a criminal enterprise.  Beyond anything I would have thought!  However, David E Martin is a bit controversial so I’m going to see how the information expose plays out in the next few weeks.

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