Doctors who treat vaxx injuries

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  • Sat, Oct 16, 2021 - 11:31am

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    Doctors who treat vaxx injuries

In a recent post, Chris mentioned there are doctors who specialize in treating vaccine injuries. He mentioned a doctor named Keith, can’t remember last name.
I can’t find that post any more.

Does anyone remember or know more about this?

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    Possible post jab supplement-Taurine

For all those shaking/neuro damaged post the C-v jab:

*Not a treating doctor, just my opinion from research and personal experience/ observations.

These poor souls are damaged as if by stroke or chemical poisoning. In general in these conditions,  the excitatory chemical glutamate is in excessive amounts in the brain. The pseudo-amino acid taurine helps remove this and promotes recycling to GABA. (calming chemical) It is very helpful to prevent/treat cardiac issues, which are a common jab SE. It also supports the kidneys.

I have personally seen it stop severe tremors in withdrawal. It can stop panic attacks. Lessens neuropathy pain. I know a person with mild epilepsy weaning off the seizure medication using this (with doctor’s blessing). It crosses the blood/brain barrier.

Taurine and its analogs in neurological disorders: Focus on therapeutic potential and molecular mechanisms

….Herein, we present an overview on the therapeutic potential of taurine against neurological disorders and highlight clinical studies and its molecular mechanistic roles. This article also addresses the neuropharmacological potential of taurine analogs.

Crosses blood/brain barrier

Stops seizures

“The brain, the heart, taurine”

If someone is suffering from post jab neurological symptoms, I think this extremely safe supplement is a good thing to try. Doses can range between 500-1000mg at a time with 5000-6000mg in 24 hours comfortably for adults. There is no known toxic/lethal level.  From administration takes about 30 minutes for full effect. Can make you drowsy.

*Caveat- it acts on the Isle of Langerhans cells that produce insulin in the pancreas so it can drop blood sugar. Take it with food or around meals.

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    Doctors who treat vaxx injuries

“Doctors who treat vaxx injuries”

Some or many of the telemedicine doctors at will attempt to treat vaccine side effects.

I bet those at the org Dr. McCullough–former med school prof with 600+ papers, etc–started also treat teh symptoms.

I’ve heard an interview with one such doctor.  I think they are having some success with ivermectin and some of the interventions used in long-covid.

Remember the spike protein is a toxin that damages the cardiovascular system.  Look for the paper from the Salk Institute from last Dec.   A newer one from recently came out from a UK med school.

I’m not anti-vax but rather want honest science and solid ethics so a proper risk/benefit analysis can be done for each patient and each patient has honest informed consent.

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