Doctor in SA saves 4000 covid patients with no deaths

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    Doctor in SA saves 4000 covid patients with no deaths

This article summarizes the amazing work of Dr Shankara Chetty of South Africa, who has saved 4,000 covid-19 patients by prescribing simple early treatment drugs at a dirt-floor outdoor clinic. No hospitalizations, no long covid. No need for ventilators. Never used oxygen. He also has a very interesting theory about why young people are now getting far more ill: primed allergy hypersensitivity.

Canadian doctors (and others elsewhere): Is Anyone Listening???

The 8th Day Therapy for COVID-19


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    Doctor in SA saves 4000 covid patients with no deaths

Wow it seems that doctors around the world are innovating  and making break throughs. We in the US, of course excluding very some brave doctors, are seriously dropping the ball because of the disinformation playbook employed by our pharma industry.  Tragic because they are spending time trying to defend themselves instead of innovating. Gotta keep trying to point my (former) local doctor in this direction even though my efforts at trying to introduce her to ivermectin for instance have been dismissed up to now. Wish me luck.

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    Doctor in SA saves 4000 covid patients with no deaths

I saw the interview with this man. Dr. Chetty calls the 8th decline (in many) a “sensitivity” issue. The interviewer clarifies and the doctor confirms that he means an allergic reaction. That is why he gives the antihistamine. I believe this is referred to also in the article as perhaps being triggered by an earlier exposure to the virus, or perhaps another coronavirus. I am hoping to have other treating physicians and researchers opine on this “allergy theory.” Covid19Crusher on Twitter seams impressed with the antihistamine inclusion. I’m still waiting to hear more on this.

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    Doctor in SA saves 4000 covid patients with no deaths

Thank you so much for this find, information scout Canuck.  🙂

Summary (for the TL:DR group).  Carefully note the first day that they started feeling sick.  That is day 1.

1.   Start off by giving a mixture of antivirals aggressively at the very onset of feeling sick.  Certainly get them started before day 3 of illness!  [This is your FLCCC stuff like IVM, zinc, HCQ or Quercetin, Vitamin D3, Fluvoxamine, (and aspirin and Vita C).]

2.  A sub group of patients will abruptly go downhill on day 8.  They are going into the hypersensitivity (allergic) reaction that hits the lungs.  Oxygen levels fall and the person becomes short of breathJoint pains and profound fatigue.  [and diarrhea]    Lab tests CRP and interleukin-6 rise about day 8 indicating inflammation.

3.  In the hypersensitivity/allergy/inflammation stage that begins on day 8, treatment focus is shifted to the immune over-reaction:

  • steroids (like dexamethasone, methyl-prednisolone and prednisone)
  • antihistamines (both H1 and H2 blockers–promethezine and pepcid)
  • montelukast  (Brand name Singulair–which is also used for hives, asthma and seasonal allergic rhinitis)

This immune over activation is also where melatonin is helpful as it is an immune modulator that reduces TNF-alpha and IL-6.

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