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I’m seeing several posts mentioning dizziness, in people who have recently had the stab.  The sort of dizziness that

  • might look like momentary loss of consciousness on live broadcast
  • would prevent someone walking down a flight of stairs in their own house
  • would cause someone to struggle with walking (UK, my post)

This happening in the days following, as well as one case in the hour following.  If this is a thing, does that mean it is not safe to drive or operate machinery ?   For how long afterward?

I’m advising my good friend to have someone else drive him when he goes for it.  Because how would you attribute death if a momentary loss of consciousness or dizziness caused an RTA?


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    Reply To: Dizziness

I did not & will not have the so-called vaccine.

But about 4 months ago, I had a very strange 4 hour flu.

I was REALLY nauseous, in the morning about 9 AM.  And dizzy.

The kind of feeling that makes you lie down, with 1 or 2 waste paper baskets next to the bed.

But I hadn’t eaten any bad food.

It was just a strange quickie flu.

Not trusting the Covid tests or the people who administer them (the local clinic has a track record of telling patients “this appointment will only be $31”, then sending them a bill for $180) I don’t know if that was Covid19.

But it was very Novel.

I have a feeling that that “Extreme Nausea without Vomiting” may be one of the many, many symptoms of Covid19.  But it will probably be 5 years before it “comes out” in the literature.

I’m 63, so I’ve had plenty of experiences with Flu’s, colds, etc.  But nothing like that.


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