Del Bigtree & Mike Adams on latest developments about vaccines and the plandemic

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    Del Bigtree & Mike Adams on latest developments about vaccines and the plandemic

Very interesting cutting-edge summary:

It’s a good one to send to people:

Probably the biggest question is, will they make a big fuzz about the ADE death wave, or will they try to cover it up and pretend few are dying thanks to the quackcines? And how long will they be able to sustain that narrative, given what hospitals are already experiencing?

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    Many thanks for Del Bigtree

Thanks for this interview. It is absolutely staggering just how misinformed even our most senior journalists are in this country (Australia). Here they seem to be absolutely oblivious to state violence (eg. mandatory vaccinations). Many are actually advocates for it.

Yet, repeatedly throughout this crisis, I’ve had my attention drawn to extraordinary Americans, typically independent ones, medical doctors, nurses and immunologists. I haven’t heard too much of him yet, but Del Bigtree seems to be a truly remarkable, thoughtful journalist. Alas, perhaps the first one that I’ve seen in this crisis. I’m glad to discover that it is not a profession completely fully of worthless, ignorant people who can’t question anything that they are told to say and who do little more than just repeat it.  Perhaps I should ask, are there any others?

I also think that the questions that you have raised are some of the right ones to be asking.

God bless America!


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