de-centralisation is the answer. massive famine coming soon.

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    de-centralisation is the answer. massive famine coming soon.

the reason we are entering an age of dictatorship and tyranny is because the essentials of life have been concentrated in the hands of just a few people. several people control all of the major media. several other/same people control the major online social media platforms. several people control the development and distribution of the devices we use (in this case, just 3). several people control the distribution of milk.

imo, the legal requirement to pasteurise milk was designed to place the control of distribution of milk in the hands of just a few corporations, again using viruses/bacteria as the excuse even though people had been drinking fresh milk for many years without issue. my family personally knows people who could drink fresh milk from our cows but couldn’t drink milk from the supermarket.

many caregivers are fighting for their jobs because several corporations employ most of them.

massive famine is fast approaching. they’ll blame it on climate change but the famine was engineered by control of water, disruptions to distribution, and perhaps even interference with natural weather. they are bankrupting and killing off all independent farmers. they will very soon control the entire food chain.

the only answer is to decentralise, and oppose or disobey all legal roadblocks to this. we need more independent clinics. we need independent registration boards for doctors, lawyers, all professions that matter. and for the upcoming famine, we need as many people as possible to begin gardening with non-GMO seeds to preserve food culture for future generations. in cities, people will also need to garden, using devices similar to what other members here have discussed. only when everyone is planting and growing food can we face the upcoming famine.

how bad is it? take a look at the Ice Age Farmer series.

the internet and communications in general also need to be de-centralised. if TPTB control the backbone of the internet, I’m not sure how we can reclaim control, except than to perhaps have a few super wealthy tycoons on the side of humanity who would set up a second satellite based internet for the rest of us. other communications have to be developed. in Melbourne last weekend, TPTB turned off 4G and 5G to stop people coordinating protests.

so, what else can we do? how do we take the power back to provide for ourselves without dependency on the governments who are no longer working for us but are working to control us?

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    de-centralisation is the answer. massive famine coming soon.

thanks Gregory…yes the problem seems very real. I am in Thailand and we are producing a lot of food at our farm. Rice, coconuts, cassava will ensure we wont starve but we also have maybe 100 other different kinds of food growing as well as fish and native chickens. The warm climate certainly helps …we can grow so much more than my family in NZ on their similar sized land.  Learning how to build and improve soil using microorganisms, mulch and compost is also very important…and creates long term fertility.

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