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Data: US Treasury Bid To Cover Auction Ratios & POMO’s

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  • Mon, Aug 10, 2009 - 12:56am



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    Data: US Treasury Bid To Cover Auction Ratios & POMO’s

I’m trying to locate a source that tracks US Treasury Auction Bid To Cover Ratios.  Various google searches provided no real database. 

Also, data listing and tracking POMO’s for each auction?

For obvious reasons CM and others have expanded on, seems these could be key pieces of information to track in the coming weeks and months.  If our Federal Credit Line runs out as expected…correlating interest rates with the above would seem at least insightful.

It would seem someone probably already is doing this in the Internet world.

If I’m off base somewhere, please educate me.

If there are databases out there, would it be possible, for this data to be provided…say in Money and Markets.

Any assistance would be most helpful.





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