Dan Tapiero: Gold vs. Bitcoin

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  • Mon, Nov 30, 2020 - 05:34am

    Mohammed Mast

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    Dan Tapiero: Gold vs. Bitcoin

Good interview with Dan Tapiero on the Pomp. He discusses the prospects for gold and BTC long term.

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    Dan Tapiero: Gold vs. Bitcoin

Tapiero’s a solid dude.

(I believe Pal credits Tapiero with bugging him so much he finally had to take the deep BTC dive, after having dissed it in 2017.)

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    Dan Tapiero: Gold vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin still has a mining algorithm that was never designed to advance science or technology.

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    Dan Tapiero: Gold vs. Bitcoin

I’m a big fan of Tapiero and I enjoyed listening to this podcast the other day while building my Ark (actually it’s just a tiny home, lol)

Tapiero’s experience gives him a unique perspective that spans both worlds. Two great points that he made that I personally need to heed are:

  1. You can’t really trade bitcoin and outperform the market. This is most likely true in my opinion. I think I will be moving to a hodler position and look for other ways to mitigate the risk at times. Ways that won’t expose me to short-term capital gain taxes.
  2. The game is not over until any and all digital wealth is converted to into real life, physical wealth. Physical gold is just so much more flexible than any digital asset, and it will provide the one thing in the future that will prove to be exceedingly scarce; anonymity.

I’m learning….

Though MM, you can still kiss my ass, brother.

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