Crash Course Viral marketing

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    Crash Course Viral marketing

Sure, it would be great if Oprah would have Chris on as a guest–if she would do that there would be need for ZERO more marketing! But, until that happens, it would be much more likely that Chris could get on a show like The Glenn Beck show, Bill O’Reilly’s show, perhaps Hannity & Colmes, Lou Dobbs, etc.

Talk radio would also be a good place.

If someone would take a half hour to post all the above telephone #s and email addresses, and then ALL of us flood those #s and addresses one day with postings regarding the Crash Course, at least someone from the show would probably take the time to take a look & see what all those crazy people are screaming (typing) about.

Other than that, I think viral marketing is the way to go. Youtube is good, but there is SO much there  that it’s hard to stand out & be seen. However, if you can get other bloggers & people on other forums and chat rooms talking about you, perhaps you can get some momentum going & at some point reach a critical mass that get’s moving forward too fast to be stopped.

So, I’m thinking that someone at &/or the volunteer brigade should be in charge of researching likely sites, bloggers, chat rooms, etc., where there would be a receptive audience, then once a week list the addresses somewhere on, and then ask all members to go to the site & post something about the crash course. After a while, if I’m someone who frequently spends time at these sites & chat rooms, and I continually read "", at some point I’m probably going to think to myself "What in the world is that all about?" click on the tab and go check it out.

Think the gold & investment forums, motley fool forums, yahoo investment forums, etc., etc–GREAT target audience! From your perspective this might be more about oil or the environment or whatever, but if you want to get people’s attention, the two best topics or words in the world are SEX and MONEY! That is simply a fact!

So, since marketing the crashcourse via sex would be incredibly misleading, I suggest you focus upon people’s money!

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    Re: Crash Course Viral marketing

I’d have to disagree.

Let me tell you what I think then perhaps comment back if you don’t mind. 

 Most of those "news" shows that I have seen comply to a very rigid orthodoxy. They’re not going to let any website scoop them on their show. And if they do, guys like Hannity and O’Reilly would use Chris for "entertainment purposes". They’d try to shred him. Now Chris is a very bright guy, but it’s THEIR show. So they have leverage as to how to get their point across. Chris could make a critical point, O’Reilly would typically make a condescending slam, followed by venomous ad hominen attacks, and without Chris having a chance to rebutt, "be right back right after this commercial". 

 Besides, why hasn’t the media reported on this already? I have my opinion that. 

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    Re: Crash Course Viral marketing


Those are all excellent points.  One of the original ideas we had for the volunteer brigade was to have everyone swarm the forums & blogs in an organized way to raise awareness about and the CC.  That is still something we plan to do, but we haven’t yet reached a critical mass with which to organize something like that.  Once we get to a place that I feel we can tackle such a project, I will begin recruiting for leaders who can organize a campaign as you describe.

Any takers?


Lucas Altic

Director of Volunteer Operations 

[email protected]

  • Thu, Feb 19, 2009 - 12:42am

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    Buttons to link articles to Web 2.0


I post articles and you-tube videos to my facebook page all the time.  I think it would greatly benefit the site if buttons to link articles were added to the end of every article.  I am specifically referring to articles in the Crash Concepts page like the one Chris wrote today called "Obama, Punishing Responisble Parties"

Does anyone know what I am referring to, or does it need further explanation?  Take a look at the buttons on the bottom of this article from the Financial Times today:

Anyone with an account on any of those social networking sites can just click the corresponding button and the article is automatically posted to their personal page where all their friends can read it (and in my case be personally offended by it).  


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    Marketing is a process by

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