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crash course

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  • Tue, Oct 07, 2008 - 10:56am



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    crash course

Hi Chris,

Hope you have time to read here.

Once I had a brief mail with you on the availability of the manuscript of the crash course. I am asking the 3rd time because I promised my friends something freshly new but directly-to-the-core.

Sorry for being a trouble but could you please let me know if it is still available to me as you said?


  • Mon, Oct 13, 2008 - 08:44pm



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    Re: crash course

Hi Chris :

 We have to get you and your thoughts and the course on the major networks soon !!!

Here is my view on your course. This should be mandated from the Senate to the school kids. Not just in the US but in Canada, G.B. and the rest of the G7 nations. Not knowing is not succeeding. We are running the markets with emotion.

 We must remember that emotion is a good servant but a bad master

The next time we launch the Titanic (Wall Street e la) remember to watch our speed , forget the records and make sure we do a life boat check.

Hopefully next time when national banking systems are evaluated the good old USA , thinking they are number 1, are not rated number 40. Sorry folks but you know that socialist nation just north of you, Canada, in case you forgot where you put your map, is rated # 1.

 You may hate that R word (regulated) but it may have come in handy in light of recent events. I case I might have forgotten to say in my last comments, thanks for all the interesting headlines , at least you got more people watching the news.

  ps: take the course                                                                   Bob on Vancouver Island, B.C.


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