Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

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  • Fri, May 07, 2021 - 11:38am



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    Covid Disease and how each brain translates it differently

I actually thought what Intheory (Only) wrote was fascinating because he seems caught between two worlds.  I read some time ago that the difference between left and right thinking is somewhere in how an individual’s brain functions.  Mine functions in such a way that I actually agree with a bit of what he promotes.  As example: anyone who accepts the shots will absolutely need ivermectin in their future; and he is likely correct in that the United States might not be the best place to live if it continues down the current path. Much of what he said reminds me of one of my sons – not the one who had a near death experience after an vaccination anaphylactic reaction. This son, as much as I do love him, always knows more than anyone else. He too has expressed that his high skills will give him an easy entrance to any country to which he might wish to move.  How fortunate for them.  The rest of us unskilled yokels will just have to stay here and try to save our nation.

Yes, I was fascinated… but admittedly… I was offended also.

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    Reply To: Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

Thank You,


I was beginning to think all was lost,your support for my views, are  uplifting.

I was thinking of my Dad,He was A U.S.Marine.Served with the Marine Air division in the south seas,he saw some brutal times,Almost did not make it back here to have me and my siblings.

He said,”You count on fellow servicemen,they are your family out there.”

He said ,”These guys,you trust them,you can count on them,they count on you,you leave your life,in each others hands.”

He worked his butt off,and raised a family of 7 kids with morals that were decent. He always did the kind acts,even when it was not popular,to do so.

He used to say often,”Folks are mainly good.

You have to bring it to the surface, with some  folks though.”

I see this as one of those times.

I believe that forces that want certain outcomes,that  benefit only the few,(basiclly ,themselves),are at work spinning the opposite of what is actually true.

The internet makes this relatively easy these days.

They are doing this,rather then supporting,what they know, is really the best for this country,and the people that actually  do the living ,working ,and suffering ,until death. These people?they could care less about.

Its NOT what my Pops asked of me as child,young man ,and adult.

He was often the guy whom allowed  older folks to cut in line,when ever he could.

I emulate his example,but now,I am old.

Not too many folks,offer.

They are looking in their phones ,and lots of them seem angry,preoccupied.,

I try to bring their good out,at times.Get them to laugh a bit,or smile.

Sometimes,it works.

Often,Its like a brick wall.

My kids are like my Dad.

I made sure of that.

Thats why they are the ones working with covid19 patients daily.Both of them,now.

When I see the basic rebellious attitudes to something as simple as following a few basic rules,I think of them,space suited up, all day at work.Sweating,fatiuged,then when they are off,people are afraid of them.

They are treated,not always as the people they are,but as part of the enemy brigade,for believing in putting others first.

They come to visit,and we keep our distance,

Hoping they do not get ME sick.

x-mas was in a cold open garage,with fans blowing.

We made the best of it.

Yes..I am GLAD we have the mrna vaccine..


YES,I am PROUD of my entire family ,for not thinking ONLY of themselves,,just as my father did in his younger years,in the Marines,and with the old folks he came upon.

Covid 19 has been a real eye opener for me,

I have been witness to some exceptional kindness,but at other times,acute selfishness.

Seems,the balance is tipping,though,I will not give up hope.

My concern also goes to my kids,

For them raising their kids in such a polarized world ,seems,well,just pretty sad.

I will Pray more for unity and understanding in these nutty times we are living through.

I Do trust God.

I feel he is trying to tell us all something.






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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.


So very well said.   I feel exactly the same.  The last couple of weeks things have changed or shifted for me anyway.  I think Jan’s post on what things will be like if the population significantly drops made things become more real.

Life has changed alot already and I don’t think we realize how much more its going to change and the struggle in getting from here to there.   The people on this site realize what is going on so IMHO, its much harder for us.   The rest, most of those people who are joyous in getting their vaccine, are oblivious to what is happening or what is probably going to happen as we move forward.   And I don’t mean specifics, as we don’t really know exactly what will happen.

Your post made me realize I’m not alone in how I’m feeling and it’s important let go some of that emotion in order to keep our sanity.

Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sat, May 08, 2021 - 10:01am

    Mark Carlin

    Mark Carlin

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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

I’ve been appreciating this particular thread.

Agreeing to disagree, while showing basic respect to all varying viewpoints, is essential to peace making. Being overly invested in “being right”, to win an argument, is just a subtle version of domination, conquest, and war making. And OMG I’m so tired of oppositions, walls, censorship, and the hiding behind personal belief systems so as to avoid and engage in critical thinking.

These mRNA drugs may or may not, in themselves, be wise to take. Much heat generates out of the arguments, pro and con. We just don’t know at this point. Personally, at age 70, I am not getting vaxxed. And, moving forward, because of all the medical/industry/media rising totalitarianism (I don’t know what else to call, but I’ve never seen all my years such a tsunami of sociatel mind arrest as this freak show happening these days). Moving forward I will be increasingly boundarying myself from doctor pharmaceutical prescription writing “exposure”.

Here is a small and beautiful little documentary film called Covid, Tango, and The Lagos Way. It’s a Los Angeles International Film Festival Outstanding Achievement award winner of January, 2021. It’s subject matter is Sweden’s successful social policy relative to remaining open throughout this pandemic;

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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

I admire this article for the well-researched content and excellent wording. I got so involved in this material that I couldn’t stop reading. I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much. Doodle Maker

  • Sun, May 09, 2021 - 05:36am



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

It is not about being anti vax in general. It is about being anti this vax. I’ve probably had 3x the normal amount of vaccines the average american has had. Anyone who has worked for Uncle Sugar and taken his free overseas “vacation” is the same. I am not thrilled about the idea of a improperly tested vaccine being injected into myself or my family members. Don’t talk to me about the “data”. I work with big data for a living. You want to get the shot, fine. Its your right as an adult to make your own decisions. However please respect the decisions of others who choose to remain part of the control group of the experiment. If you want to leave the country that works as well.

  • Sun, May 09, 2021 - 08:09pm



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

Covid forever?,Lockdowns forever?,Masks forever?,continuous fears,? as we all grow older and our ageing immune systems ,make us the NEW covid food.?

That is what is in store for us ,here,count on it.

Is this the way our country is to continue?

Is this our path?

The path for future generations?

Our grandkids?


Its abundantly clear by now.

Based on what I gather from this site,if this is 40% of America?

Were doomed.

As other countries lock their borders to the unvaccinated,the folly of not protecting ones self ,as well as each other ,will become obviously, apparent.

But ,as new vaccine push after new vaccine push, fail,the time element comes into play,with this disease.

The entrenchment of both the disease in our populous,as well as the attitudes ,choices,and political divisions of our once great, society,will chart our path forward.


The stubborn folks of this land,will,actually ,fully control the course of this once great nation,both as a safe land to live,as well as a super power nation.

This country (the U.S.),will lose its wealth and status,because the wealthy will flea to other  safer shores,with government policed systems ,that control the spread of the disease.The Wealthy, will do this in mass,out of necessity.

count on it.

The country that was once considered the leader of the world, will,imho,

become  a place ,no international travelers will feel safe coming to ,for business,or pleasure.This will be ,the start,of our decline.

At this point,knowing the facts of this disease,and what it takes to defeat it,its blatantly,obvious.

What our future holds,is simple to chart.

It all boils down to this.

The actions of a few,imho,ABSOLUTELY, determine the TOTAL, fate ,of this ,once great nation.

Defeating the disease,has rules,and they ARE quite simple.

Its NOT rocket science

If you do not think this true,any of it,pay attention to the Florida cruise ship experiment, currently just starting to get under way.

Almost FREE cruises are being offered.


Its the canary in the coal mine ,for our present course ,the one,our country,has chosen to take.(Mainly,because of politics .)



  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 04:11am



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

To be fair,

I could be completely wrong.

I do not feel this is the case ,but this could be one of the rare times,I have been mislead.

Our future.

A) Could be ,with time,the disease could simply die out.



B) Could be , the Mrna vaccines are the poison,most here on this board, claim they are.

I would not bet on either of those,outcomes,after personally, viewing this diseases strengths.


If this disease,DID evolve  naturally,without the help of ‘crisper’tech,that would be another story.I would say, path A , …IS… possible.

Looking at the signature,this is highly unprobable,as in a billion to one.

But,One can only hope.


With the mrna vaccines,I believe this is going to be like the GMO ,food,argument.

Lots of folks screaming on the dangers,while most of the world finds benefit.

Or the 5G fears,or the microchip fallacy.

Time will tell the true tale,but one thing is certain,the folks that benefit,by sowing these seeds,will never admit ,THEY may have been mislead ,or are purposely misleading,for a multiple of reasons.

I stand here now ,telling All,I COULD be wrong,

but given my record,I would not count on it.

Events in life are almost ,never,simple or cut and dry,but over all truths DO emerge with the passage of time.

I will give you the fact that western medicine over medicates.

Think about it though,if it were not for this imperfect system ,the advances in diabetes care,heart problems,ect.

would not be possible.

Nothing in life ,is without a few( hick ups.)








  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 04:16am



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

Cruise ship company may avoid Florida over state’s refusal to allow Covid vaccination checks (


  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 04:23am



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

Norwegian cruise lines threatens to leave Florida over Covid safety issues.


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