Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

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  • Thu, May 06, 2021 - 01:34pm



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.


Your thoughts mostly echo mine on the vaccine subject.  I’m having my moment of realizing how positively giddy everyone around me is to get this shot.  Not like a considered choice but like they have won a prize or something.

I’ve realized that after everything we’ve seen in the last year there is not much point in explaining your reasoning for not getting the shot.  Nor is there anything to be gained from explaining that we are gonna be in lockdown this time next year anyway because of “variants that do things to organs you didn’t know you had”.

I rather like not having Polio or Measles but I also struggle with people’s inability to consider iatrogenics.  Maybe its in the nature of consumer capitalism:  Products are marketed as just solving problems with no visible downside.

Even though it’s spring, I am filled with the end of summer feeling.  It may be ignorant to compare whats happening now to Nazi Germany, but man, it sure feels like the pieces are all in place to build our own nightmare that’s very different in detail from the last nightmare.

Just imagine (or maybe remember) yourself telling people to buy some extra cans of tuna for the pantry in Jan 2020.  Then to grab a facemask or close the borders back when the authorities knew these ideas were stupid.  Then, later still, questioning masks in front of people astounded that you could be so stupid.  Aren’t you watching TV?   Within weeks of the vaccines starting the authorities had already stated plainly that nothing is going back to normal even after you take the shot.

The result?

People are more united in “Not listening to guys from the internet” now than they were in Jan 2020.   This means that truly anything is possible.  With Covid, with the money system, with international conflict, with whatever rights you still think you have.

Its all up for grabs when the population is this credulous.

I know there are a lotta fun times ahead, but sometimes you just gotta stop and mourn for a little bit.

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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

Quote,”Every time you take a jab,you are one step closer to death”

Dad is 98,still going.has had flu jabs since they first were a thing.

Never missed one.It is the reason he is alive today imho.

Last decade he has been double jabbed with the stronger geriatric  version,I will follow in his footsteps.

Sorry,you are wrong.

Part of the crowd ,that fears science?

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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

The mrna vaccines accomplish the same end goal.

Keep more folks from getting deadly sick.

Splitting hairs you are.

Security girl and Dave,

If someone differs with their opinions from yours?

Are they always wrong?

Are they always looking for a fight?

Sounds like the world is flat,is coming back in style?

Could it be possible that the medical community knows a bit more about surviving this then others?

Yes $$$ are made,but are they not a part of most efforts?

Yes,Hog,vaccines are NOT for everyone,

Especially cancer Patients that are unable to help in the joint effort,(of healthy ABLE folks), underway to bring the covid infection/death numbers down in this country.

So we can resume our old way of life.

Ironic, the ones that are rebels to the only  obvious workable solution,left ,because of their own actions,are the ones that want to have zero restrictions.?

Trust your own immune system,see how that one works out,especially as you get older.

The vaccine has been proven to protect against severe covid for 8 months and running now.

Roll the dice,At this point its pretty hopeless,imho.

Too many Rebels,get use to lockdowns and masks forever.

It seems thats the way it will go,as covid remains capable of mutating,because of the division in this country.



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.


Fantastic post.


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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

I’ve been very consistent that my love of freedom is greater than my fear of Covid 19.  As you pack your bags, just wondering where in the world you plan to go where you will be afforded the freedoms that you enjoy in the US?  Or are you willing to give up your freedoms to be safe?

I too hold dear the my children’s future.  Medicine and vaccines will continue to evolve and improve as long as we have freedom and capitalism. It is possible I may die from Covid, although between vitamin D, ivermectin and my recent MMR I highly doubt it.  I do know my body and my medical history so I am going to make the best choice for me and my children.

I would rather my children live in a free country than safe slavery.  I’m sorry you see those of us who prefer freedom as the underbelly, you are right, you should leave.  When is your flight?

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    agitating prop

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    Reply To: Covid19 Disease and the Brain.


The problem is what science to follow. There’s a firehose of info out there that makes it incredibly confusing. People who are pro-vaccine don’t appreciate that a rush to market could be a danger. Also, the corporations were given carte blanche in terms of liability. They can’t be sued. So there are red flags there. I am not sure about this, but I think that the mrna medicines have not been used on people before. And there were problems when it was used on animals. Not sure about that point. You can double check it.

On the other side of that, people who are anti-vaccine don’t appreciate that no corporation anywhere is going to produce a vaccine IF they are exposed to legal liability, as every vaccine ever made has ended up killing people. Even if its a relatively small number who sue for death, or damages, it could bankrupt them.

So during a pandemic there is a dilemma. To be super safe, procedure should be followed…but they can’t be followed because something has to be developed quickly. Legal work arounds are developed to deal with the threat to the vaccine developers.

The mRna may turn out to be relatively safe, or very unsafe…in the long run. It’s impossible to know right now. Everyone is going to proceed along the lines of caution, and their interpretation of ‘caution’ can be very different.




Freedom and capitalism have empowered large corporations who are now in control of government. Big Pharma is one of the worst. I hope you can appreciate that and understand that bringing research and development  back under the rubric of government will help the situation, not hinder it.

The capitalist Jones for starving government agencies destroyed what was truly public health. The CDC had to team up with Big Pharma, as a way of funding research.

So, I think you may have it entirely backwards and its no wonder as you are in the U.S. and there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of this issue.

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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.


To answer your question,our first choice would be New Zealand.

There are many others being considered,at this time.


A society that actually cares about its neighbors,and values its medical staff,is of utmost importance ,to those risking everything in this Pandemic!

As far as what you think is happening to your freedoms in this crisis,I feel that you are victim of the mantra of “If we allow this once,we lose it forever”.


This is rubbish,fear thinking,and disregard for the very foundation of what we enjoy in this country.

In the not so distant past,when women were asked to leave their homes to help out with the war effort,they were proud to  do it!

They rallied and said ,”TELL US WHAT YOU NEED OF US”.WE WILL DO IT!”


What lots here percieve as the enemy,is actually the very pieces,of the effort, that are holding this country together.

In fact,we would have lost the war without these selfless women,and their  unbelievable abilities to staff and  man the munition factories,building planes ect.

Riveting Rosy,comes to mind.

Yet,today,folks storm around ,screaming their rights are being stolen.?


Perhaps folks are just being asked to chip in with the crisis  effort, by following a few simple rules?

How about pitching in and supporting the effort.?

Your Hospital medical staff  ARE the soldiers in this war?


Everytime a person refuses to where a mask while in a closed building,(such as a store),proudly touting…..its my  right!

It makes me ill.

I want to let them know,”Your risking the life of my family!

Darn it,put the fricken mask on!It will NOT kill you!”

Its such a small thing to ask in this time of crisis.

Do not even talk to me about the usefulness of masks in closed buildings and their ability  preventing infections from flourishing.

If you insist?

I will seriously doubt your ability to comprehend ANYTHING about this disease.

All this “MY RIGHTS ARE BEING STOLEN”,stuff..?

Its like kicking the soldier,on the front line ,hard, in the teeth,! the soldier that is fighting for the very  lives of his or her countrymen.

This  Covid crisis,and what it is eventually leading to, because of all the political division and distrust, is actually way worse in deaths,and future health outcomes,then ANY WAR!

Not to mention, what the short sighted,political division is doing to life,relations,families,and to society,in general.

Most of it,never to go back, the way it was.

Sure ,in the past,politics always went a bit nuts,right around election time,folks would put funny as well as ( not so funny), political bumper stickers on their cars.

Doing so now?

In any city,(regardless of political party choice)would lead to broken car windows and flat tires!

Even direct physical  assault.

What has this world come to?

What would happen if we DID have  WW 3?

What would happen if we were asked to REALLY make some big sacrifices, for the good of all  members of this country?

If the populous was asked to help out these days,I am afraid we would have a lot of folks not wanting to pitch in ,to save our boys.

We would be screaming about,losing rights,and other such boogeymen.

Just because you can not directly see an enemy to your health or country,does not mean it does not exist.

Equally,When one thinks EVERYTHING is his or her enemy,the war is already lost.

WE almost,stand at this junction currently.

Like I said,the proving time of  the actual ability of the U.S. citizenship to demonstrate its REAL patriotism for its country,was a failure.

Its now a dog ,eat dog, country.

Thanks to politics.

Things have changed,and unfortunately,not for the better.

For the record ,I HUGELY support the police,have several old and dear freinds that served for many years on several departments.

Some,Giving their lives for the effort.

What is happening in the cities,is awfull.

Yes there are a few cops that are not suited to the job,but just like healthcare workers,risking their lives daily,these days,they are NOT respected by the actions of many.

Without the cops,we have nothing.

As far as your freedom comment?

FREEDOM run a muck,is NOT freedom,Its LAWLESSNESS.

We saw the freedom fighters at the capitol.

Beating the crap out of the capitol police squad.

With clubs.

There are GOOD protesters,and BAD ones.

The burners and the Looters in BLMs events,were the bad ones,not representative of the whole.

Some here want to paint ALL with the same brush.

Thats part of our country wide problem.

My Grand kids growing up in a society,with an UNDERBELLY,that calls this righteous,and their GOD GIVEN purpose,gives me pause.

AS it should ALL of us.

Is this the community behavoir you want to live in??

I thought we were an advanced 1st world country,I believe I was mistaken.

Folks endorsing this behavior as acceptable,are NOT the neighbors I would deem

good folks.

Rebellion and revolution when needed,not because your asked to follow a few simple rules.

Vaccine safety,long term?

Covid19 risk?

Kathy,when fighting for your life,for months, in the I.C.U.,with a nasty covid19 diagnosis,you will sing a much different tune,count on it.




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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

“Bald men twice as likely to catch ,Covid”



“Covid19 spurs development  for Diabetes”



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    Covid19 Disease and the Brain.

thank you thank you intheor .  Once in a while I read someone here who makes sense

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