Covid advice please!

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    Covid advice please!

Best of luck, my friend. From what Ive heard symptoms can linger for a long while but you’ll be OK.

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    Covid advice please!

Hi Steve,

I noticed an interaction between horse paste and caffeine (hat tip to Mark). You said:

I can only describe my symptoms as feeling like my head is going to explode due to pressure, along with a resting heart rate that is frequently above 100 and rarely below 80. It’s accompanied by an intense feeling of anxiety/impending doom for want of a better expression.

On the first day that I took horse paste I also drank coffee and I experienced these symptoms. Ivermectin seems to really potentiate the effects of caffeine. If you drink tea or coffee, your symptoms could very well be due to the caffeine and not the ivermectin directly.

When I stopped drinking coffee on the days that I took horse paste, my symptoms went away.

Hope this info can help.

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    Ivermectin now in Spanish pharmacies

This is to update the availability of IVM in Spain.

The newspaper El Mundo says on 20 June that

… ivergalen, ivermectin tablets for… scabies, has already arrived in Spanish pharmacies.

(translated at


Of interest, Fluvoxamine blocking the normal metabolism of caffeine was mentioned in a thread in the past month, and I confirmed independently. Now with Ivermectin, that’s two effective Covid drugs that don’t play nice with caffeine.

If vitamin D turns out to mix badly with caffeine, I’m doomed.

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    Rough case of COVID

Some outpatient treatments used when a disease gets more severe

I am a traditional doctor, not trained in herbal treatments.

1.  Steve, even though you feel crappy, your oxygen level indicates that you are NOT having a severe case.  (Feeling frightened and anxious is absolutely understandable and normal.)  The understanding that this is not a severe course will help moderate the panicky feeling.    NSAID (Indomethacin, Ibuprofen or Naprosyn, see below)  use will greatly reduce the discomfort of the illness (headache, body aches)  further reducing fearfulness.

2.  If your oxygen level is above 96% then your case is classified as mild.

You on the aspirin tablet from the FLCCC protocol?


This is what I would do for myself if I were having a serious bout of COVID.  (I am not allowed to make medical recommendations for another person, and I don’t know the details of another person’s background, history and situation.)

Pepcid AC (OTC) 40-80 mg daily.

A.  Start a steroid inhaler like Budesonide (or other, like fluticasone).  Easy to get a doctor to prescribe off label for a cough, especially if patient reports a history of allergies.

B.  Add Singulair (montelukast) 10 mg daily.  (Easy for a doctor to prescribe off label for cough as it is used in allergies and asthma.)

C.  Optimize Vitamin D3.  Long term use builds levels (best with K2), then the big doses at the onset of a viral illness (called “the hammer dose” of ~50,000 IU daily x 3 days).

D.  I would stay on the ivermectin 0.4 mg/kg/day for at least 7 full days.  Race horses are expensive creatures and vet drugs are high in quality/purity.

E.  Move to a bigger dose of Melatonin –20 mg pills 2-3 a day.  Yes, will make you dizzy/sleepy.  High doses more solidly shown to modulate inflammatory process.

F.  Add an NSAID like Indomethacin 25-50 mg 3 times daily.  Alternatives are OTC Ibuprofen 800 mg 3 times daily and Naproxyn 500 mg twice daily.  (However, if the oxygen level falls to consistently below 92%, then go to a hospital, stop the NSAIDs, and start Prednisone, methylprednisolone or Decadron).

G.  Add a FIASMA class of medication like fluvoxamine (LUVOX),  fluoxatine (Prozac–a bit less effective, but widely available in Europe and the USA),  Clarinex (prescription desloratidine is very good).  Other options Claritin (loratidine –OTC loratidine not quite as effective as desloratidine but is easily available), and several other antidepressants (such as Paxil, Prozac, amitryptyline, Zoloft (sertaline)).

H.  Add an anti-androgen drug in men with severe course:  Proxalutamine (– not available in the USA), prescription drugs Casodex (bicalutamine –used in prostate cancer is available in the USA), and ketoconazole (Nizoral pills–this is an antifungal that also has androgen receptor blocking effects–has not specifically studied in COVID,  is readily available in USA and Europe).  Available in the USA:  Dutasteride 0.5 mg daily or Finasteride 5 mg daily.

I.  Add a TMPRSS2 inhibitor drug like Rimantadine, (an anti influenza A drug available in the USA), bromohexine (OTC but must buy from India!), nafomastat (Japan only), camostat (Japan only).  [anti-androgen drugs (Casodex, Nizoral pills) and inhaled corticosteroids (budesonide inhaler)  mentioned above also work through the TMPRSS2 inhibition mechanism.]

J.  Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Blockers (called ARBs –used for high blood pressure) such as Telmisartin may help too.  here and here.

Quite a few others show some benefit:  curcumin with black pepper, lactoferrin, zinc, quercitin, and several vitamins (see FLCCC protocol).


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    Covid advice please!

Hi Steve.

Others have given good advice to follow.  I’ll add one to the mix that could be helpful in easing symptoms making it more comfortable to endure as you heal over time.

Add l-lysine to your regimen (watch short video – link below.  It was found effective in suppressing symptoms.  I take it regularly myself as a preventive.

As stated above – don’t consume caffeine – it makes things worse as the following video notes.

Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Thanks to everyone who replied to my post last night. I actually felt much worse this morning and went to hospital where they eventually concluded that I’m not having issues with covid at all and probably have viral labyrinthitis. They have me some medication and I left 20 minutes later feeling 70% recovered. I still have the pressure on my head but the medication has taken away the nausea and anxiety and I’ve eaten the first full meal in 10 days.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to share their advice. I’ll be working through out on coming days to try and get right on to of it, but at least it’s manageable now.


Many thanks, its great to know there are people out there like you.



Hi SP what does the Pepcid do? I haven’t heard of that being used before.

thanks in advance.

As I recall from last may-ish Chris pointed out pretty strong data about famotadine (active ingredient in Pepcid AC) preventing symptoms from manifesting. Or at least had a statistically significant ABSENCE from the list of medicines covid patients had been taking. I’m not sure if the evidence played out over the rest of the year but its one of those “can’t hurt” drugs.

Back in the first few months of the outbreak the Chinese observed that patients taking famatodine (Pepcid) for acid reflux were doing better than those taking cimetidine (Tagemet). Not sure of mechanism.

Such observations can apparently only be carried out in overseas. I wonder if the FDA here in the United States will ever be able to observe that patients taking Ivermectin do better, too.

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