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Covid-19: Niacin’s Cytokine Gene Surpession & Anti Sepsis Effects

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Niacin and or B3 not just improves blood flow to the lungs thus oxygen to the body, but actually Suppresses Cytokine Expression (link below) and that is medically noted to reduce Lung Inflammation from Pneumonia and is a crucial treatment at the point of Sepsis from Pneumonia, and should 100% be standard Covid-19 (Sars-2, Wuhan Pneumonia, China Coronavirus, NCV-19 or are all-time Favorite the Kung Flu, because it’s Chinese and Kicks your Ass!) treatment at the point of Pneumonia and Sepsis, but remember they are administering via the blood, and not orally and taxing the liver and kidneys that much more for the same effect, and if you were at home, and very dehydrated, had a high fever with your organs over taxed because of such, I am not sure how safe a high dosage of B3 would be to conduce a Niacin Flush, and have yet to do the research on just how taxing Niacin Flushes could potentially be on a strained system, and I’ll go further to suggest many home treatments can 100% back fire, like Fenugreek for an example, which has anti viral properties, and is said to help asthma, as it has a side effect it can make asthma worse, and the last side effect you need with a bad case of Pneumonia is a side effect making it worse, particularly if you can only tax your system so much with pills and the sort to begin with. As with Peppermint, sure in small doses it could be helpful, maybe, but here’s way I say maybe, because somehow peppermint oil relaxes the throat (which I don’t know how it does, because it seems to generally spur things more than calm them down) and the last thing you need is too much peppermint oil relaxing your lung muscles when you are already struggling for air. Now back to Niacin, it also would double as an amazing delivery system for Anti-Virals and other treatments because it spurs blood flow to the most extreme tiny ends of our spider webs of veins, and that’s what made me dig into Niacin last night, but I was amazed to understand it is a medical treatment for Pneumonia not because of the Blood Flow it 100% conduces and the better oxygen that would spur in that case (also looking into as a documented delivery system), but that it somehow via chemicals reduces the expression of Cytokine and the Deadly Cytokine Storm while also helping against Sepsis! Niacin and or B3 maybe simple, but it appears to be a crucial Treatment for Covid-19 at certain stages and also should be an amazing delivery system for Anti-Virials and other Treatments by spurring the blood (what a Niacin Flush is) to the tiny Blood Vessels in the Lungs those Anti-Virials and Treatments need to get to.

Spem Successus Alit
Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire

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