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    Coupons :


There are 6 ways to get coupons from our website!
1.After you have purchased product(s) on our website, we will send e-mail to inform you whether you could have coupons and what kind of coupons you may get.
2.If you feel contend with our products and introduce them to you relatives or friends, you could get coupons and you could share them with your best friends or family members.
3.If you register an account on our website and purchase product(s) on festivals and holidays, such as Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day or other ones, you could get special coupons.
4.If you purchase product(s) worth a certain sum of money, you could get coupons from our website. It will be done automatically.
5.If you purchase product(s) for more than once, you could get coupons.
6.If you would like to wholesale our products, you could get coupons from our websites. More information about wholesale at the page of Wholesale.

1.If you think your purchase of being in line with rules listed above, please contact us in advance to ensure you could get coupon(s).
2.Most of coupons may have the limited time, which means you need to use them in a period of validity shown by coupons.
3.We are always ready to provide our sincere service for you. If you have any questions as to coupons, please feel free to send e-mails to us or contact us by Live Chat. We will try our best to help you.

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