Couple of questions…a medical test to prove covid vaccination

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    Couple of questions…a medical test to prove covid vaccination

I’ve had a couple of questions since it has become obvious that something sinister is going on with all things covid and now the so called covid vaccines. That being that surely there is a medical test that can be given to anyone to prove they have taken one of the covid vaccines. That being said, then the two questions. First and primarily those in leadership positions pushing the vaccines so hard should be administered that test to prove they themselves (and their families) actually took the vaccines. Talking about those including Fauci, Gates, Pres Biden, and others. There should be no reason to not take such a test, in fact they should be proud to do so if they actually believe all that they say. Should the results come back as not having actually taken a vaccine that would destroy any credibility they have. Of course the administration of the vaccine test has to be done in a very controlled manner, much like say a steroid test given to an athlete to try to limit further fakery.

Second question, if such a test for the vaccine can be made readily available, why not just use that test rather than relying on some “vaccine passport”? One reason why would be that the vaccine passports are planned to be used in many other ways for control and tracking, and not just again a simple proof of vaccination.

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    Couple of questions…a medical test to prove covid vaccination

I’m in the UK and there is a new test you can take to test for Spike protein post vaccination.
Roche Elecsys
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S
(Spike) Total antibody

this is the website with full details on the test



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    Couple of questions…a medical test to prove covid vaccination

I was just reading this thread and I got a warning that the session timer had timed out and to keep reading I was to hit any key, which I did. Now I think that I may have given permission to a virus or something. Is anyone else seeing this message.

Chris- is it expected?

Running virus scan now. See you all later.

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