Couple arrested for flying to HI with COVID

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  • Thu, Dec 03, 2020 - 03:41pm



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    Couple arrested for flying to HI with COVID

So this couple was arrested and charged with violating the interrogatory conditions by the airline..   What is odd – As I understand the terms used on the interrogatory was.  –   Have you been diagnosed with Covid disease in the last 14 days?  As Dr. Martenson keeps mentioning,  there is a distinct difference between having sars cov2 or a positive test for sars cov2 and actually having the disease COVID.    So, it seems in fact they did not lie.. I hope they have a lawyer that is not a dimbwitt…… as this seems clearly straight forward to me.  I am not saying people with positive tests should not fly..  But I am going to think that if you ask a question in such scientific terms , it needs to be held to such definitions…

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