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  • Sun, Jan 26, 2020 - 04:30pm



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I think this is a fun and creative approach to stimulate thinking.  That said, based on what Chris has shared about the waves of a pandemic, and the associated 6 to 9 month time frame before it burns itself out, it might be advisable for us to be thinking about a longer running “game”.  I wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that 1-month of supplies during a pandemic is ok, unless they are comfortable with going to the grocery store on a regular basis.

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  • Sun, Jan 26, 2020 - 08:33pm



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    Reply To: Coronavirus (Wuhan) Forum

I think it’s a great opportunity to see how resilient your prep is and use it as a test run

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  • Sun, Jan 26, 2020 - 10:57pm



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    Sand puppys Quiz

It’s a public holiday long weekend here in Australia and it feels like I’m the only person in town who is even remotely aware of this virus. It’s getting the merest of mentions on the national TV news that  I see at work.

I worked 9 hours yesterday (Sunday) and 8.5 hours today, so no time for any shopping, and my partner does not believe in being prepared for anything (sigh) and has been busy fishing. However on Saturday morning in a hurry I went and bought the following on top of some usual random weekly groceries:

More N95 masks (already have some on hand for recent bushfire smoke). There were only 2 left at my local chemist and I purchased them.

Puppy wee pads – I work in aged and disability in the community with people in their homes and although the wastefulness of disposable products irks me, I know how much easier they make clean up of any spilled bodily fluids. These have been on my pandemic kit list but as they are bulky to store I have not purchased til now.

More electrolytes in icy pole, powder and tablet forms for the ‘first aid’ kit.

More bottled water, hand sanitiser, garbags, gloves, vitamin C and zinc, canned food, toilet paper and rice.  Bottled water is Evil in my book, however much more convenient than filtering and purifying suspect water. I have used our life straws while travelling overseas and though they work some bad water tastes remain. Our rain barrels have been contaminated with bushfire smoke residue and although it may be more dilute after recent rains I would be wary of drinking it.

I have ordered online some dried elderberries. We have a bush which is developing small berries as yet not ready to harvest. Last years crop withered and died in a heatwave.

I don’t have a pulse ox but can easily order and will do from my nursing supplier. I know how to use it correctly and how the information ties in with other clinical signs. Same for a nebulisier.  My bottle of colloidal silver is recently new and  I have wondered about nebulising that…

I would like better facial protection and have decided in a pinch swimming and snorkel goggles, the motorbike helmet or welding helmet are better than nothing. I’ve even had a thought about wrapping gladwrap over my glasses to get a seal almost like Ninja Turtle bandannas.

I have mints, mullein and woad in the garden, and we eat a lot of herbs regularly.

I like the idea above of sprouted seeds. I’m currently feeding very old low germination ones to the chickens.

Our staple foods are meat and fruit and veg and non gluten grain products. We try to avoid manufactured foods so storage foods has always been a difficult area. I would certainly buy more oranges to put short term storage, a lot more canned and dried fruit and beans and rice, and cross my fingers the apples on our trees grow well. We are low on our homemade salsa and tomato products from the last two seasons, and our tomatoes this year are a non-event.

I have never canned soup and don’t have a pressure canner so it’s a bit late for canning soups and broths. I might look into quality bullion cubes. All the cheap and common ones containing maltodextrin and other strange ingredients do me no favors.

This certainly shows me how you can be caught off guard by letting things run down.  I have also noticed masks for sale online through suppliers like amazon are made and shipped from China. Irony…

I noticed Saturday lunchtime the local supermarket had many empty shelf areas due to the high Saturday shopper demand. They re-stock twice a week on Sunday and Friday after their two busy days (Thurs and Sat). This is normal but disturbing when you think about a ‘rush on’ and how fast those shelves would be bare. Also there have been some shortages of fresh foods and poorer quality due to a number of events that have affected various growers, including transport delays from the bushfires to our east. I feel this is not the best time for our garden to be growing poorly…

I’m going to go again tonight and get some chocolate! and extra items.




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  • Sun, Jan 26, 2020 - 11:56pm



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    moderator around ?

I jjust actually thru away the entire, long thought out list  !  I was annoyed on how it logged the edits, so I edited again, and checked the box to not log, and then it all went away !   If anyone can save it, please do, I realy do need the list for my own use too ! ( the sand puppy game list)


so when you edit, there is a blue box down below with a check mark it is, and say keep a log of this edit.  I unchecked that box and then hit submit.  This must be some bug to have my whole post disappear ?


  • Mon, Jan 27, 2020 - 12:16am



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    red cross advice, vintage, on keeping a sick room

much of it is copied here on this thread of this forum, in case you dont have the book, this will tell you alot;topicseen#msg766895



  • Mon, Jan 27, 2020 - 03:43am   (Reply to #25)



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    re: moderator around ?

I had the exact same thing happen with a post yesterday, Mntnhousepermi.  All my edits were getting listed, and I wanted that list of my edits to go away.  So I checked that box not to show edits and my whole post disappeared.  Argh!  – Had to re-type the whole post in again.

Yeah, but I dont have time to do that, I put an hour’s worth of thought and work on that, and Im not going to make that list again here.


Sounds like a bug though that should get fixed

  • Mon, Jan 27, 2020 - 04:53pm



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    Playing the game.

Lay in another bag of kibble for our dogs.

Replace our empty 20# propane tanks with full ones.

Go to the library to get a supply of books, movies, and TV shows.

Make sure the vehicle gas tanks stay topped off and the spare gas gan is full.

Discuss with my wife how we will occupy ourselves.


During that time:

Still go to work several times weekly for an hour or two. Only one other person works there and we have very few visitors so exposure risk is slight. Also the workplace environment is such that it absolutely must be checked on periodically.

Work on tidying the shed and debulking stuff.

Consider this practice for retirement.

Deeply value all the time I’m spending with my best friend aka my wife.

Spend time on my deck thinking and listening to the grass grow.


There is more but I can’t think of it right now.

  • Fri, Jan 31, 2020 - 03:07pm



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    This thing is a Frankenvirus

Beijing’s had 4 known accidental leaks of the SARS virus recently, two Chinese scientists learned to make virulent coronaviruses at UNC

And it’s 5′ spike shares the most homology with a bio-engineered genomic vector… and HIV

Maybe it leaked out?

Logistical and technical analysis of the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

  • Fri, Jan 31, 2020 - 05:17pm



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    Old Trick, Copy/Paste Before Posting

For those of you who lost long posts, here’s an old trick that saved me more than once. When you are ready to post, copy the entire post (Control + A), then post. If the system eats it, and that can happen in situation like now where there is heavy traffic, you can start fresh by just pasting the saved text. Get into a habit of doing that for any post more than a few paragraphs.

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