Corona: Seamless Editing & Printing Viruses

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    Corona: Seamless Editing & Printing Viruses

So many world class virologists say there aren’t editing scars in SARS-COV-2 genome.  Therefore, it has to be natural  There are lots of “seamless” editing techniques of genetic material.  This video was made almost 10 years ago (oct 2010) and the 1st line of the song is literally “You say, you have 2 genes to join, no scar can com between them”

And let’s not forget both Switzerland and Galveston Texas used a genomic “3D” printer to literally print a copy of this virus from nothing more than electronic blueprint downloaded from the internet.

If you believed the experts in the news, all of this would be “impossible”

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    Mohammed Mast

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    Corona: Seamless Editing & Printing Viruses

That was awesome

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    Reply To: Corona: Seamless Editing & Printing Viruses

Here’s another one:

No-SCAR (Scarless Cas9 Assisted Recombineering) Genome Editing

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