Contraceptives during the crash

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  • Sun, Aug 02, 2020 - 08:15pm

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    Contraceptives during the crash

First, let me say that I am a retired PA-C who worked for twenty-three years in health care, seventeen in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I’m old, contraception is not an issue for me. But for the younger members here, their friends and family, would you want an unplanned pregnancy during an economic/civil/pandemic related crash? We all know the importance of stocking up on essential medications but I have not heard anyone speak of contraceptives. Can you obtain a years supply of birth control pills, get a multi year IUD or implant? A diaphragm or condoms? Is it time for a tubal ligation or vasectomy? Would you welcome a pregnancy in the crashing economy or during civil upheaval? These are decisions you need to discuss with your partners. Many of these products are produced out of the country. Will quality medical care and pharmaceutical products continue to remain widely available at reasonable cost? Just a thought from an old clinician. Hope no one is offended. Comments and personal thoughts welcomed.

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    Good Trade Goods – Condoms

Selco, who went thru the Bosnian War of 92-95 and the Siege of Sarajevo, says condoms are one of the trade goods that were in high demand then. They are small and easily stored, and a box can be broken down into small amounts for trade.

I’d definitely recommend a box of them in your collapse pantry. They are one of those things that wouldn’t disappear at the start of a shortage like food or liquor.

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