Contextual Understanding as an Essential Tenet of Resilience

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    Contextual Understanding as an Essential Tenet of Resilience

Morning All

First thing towards resilience is a robust, true and sound understanding of the context.  No contextual understanding, no resilience.

One thing I think most would agree with is that something very fishy is going on…here I speak globally, in general, and this “strangeness” has been illuminated moreso by COVID-19.

So I think we can all pretty much agree that a clear understanding of the global context is muddy at best.

We cannot count on the prescribed narrative – which is a description of the context at hand- to be true.

Knowing that MSM is not trustable to reflect the real context, we must now search for ourselves and in fact all become investigative journalists in a way.

Investigative journalists ask the questions -Who, What, When, Where, Why – and look for “evidence” to back up their claims.

It is unfortunate but necessary to discuss what “evidence” looks like in 2020.

In today’s world, one knows not where to turn to get the straight story.  With the owner-streamlined mainstream media’s world of words, as twisted as Medusa’s hair, with governance structures aching under heavy payloads of pork bellies, with science so often bought and paid for, with once revered insitutions now rotten to the core, and with the majority of leaders seemingly living in conditions of abject poverty in terms of values and ethics, just what constitutes “evidence” today?

Adding to this fun-house of a scenario, these are also the days of “deep fakes” making it is difficult to tell fact from fiction.

And now we are in addition being grossly censored and thus have in effect already lost freedom of expression – a basic human right.

So we have a case where:

  1. one knows not if evidence is real or a deep fake;
  2. one cannot count on traditionally regarded institutions; academic, professional, regulatory and media
  3. one cannot count on scientific results necessarily due to institutional corruption;
  4. one cannot rely on our regular oversight bodies either, nor on the public sector authorities;
  5. and even if one does find clear solid evidence, one may well be censored.

Due to the above, I would please request that we do not label any members as “conspiracy theorists”.  If someone has the intention to seek truth within right relationship of self, other, nature and Cosmos, this intention need be honoured as such and derogatory remarks do little more than casting shadows on that small flame attempting only to see.  If someone has a belief that something someone said is indeed off target, then polite dilogue – as is the backbone of this site, – is the said preferred modus operandi.

To me, focus on getting to the roots of who is really in control, who really has the power, who makes the decisions, and what are the real agendas, is the first step in understanding our context and thus therefore walking towards resilience.  Even if an individual has the capacity to be as resilient as possible in every way, ultimately no man is an island, and what happens to you, does matter to me and vice versa.

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    World Economic Forum The Great Reset


This is a production of the WEF from their site.

Direct quote from the video

“The very idea of human being some sort of natural concept is really going to change.”


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    Right on, Mary59!

Check out this extremely good exposé of the WEF globalists by George Gammon:

Hey Chris/Adam, how about an interview with him? His Rebel Capitalist show recently exceeded 100 episodes:

The coronavirus is indeed “extremely convenient for these global elites who are trying to push this ‘Great Reset’ agenda”… and they seemed very prepared for it pre-pandemic, with Event 201 (Chinese coronavirus pandemic+censorship simulation 2 months before first reported case of COVID-19) and all…

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    Reply To: Contextual Understanding as an Essential Tenet of Resilience

The next totalitarian societal takeover may be much more subtle and much more effective than any we’ve seen over the last 100 years. I guess it depends on how much time they have to implement their plans. The subtle approach takes much longer. If they’re in a hurry for some reason they’ll have to revert to the tried and true brutal methods.

Commenter John Flemming takes issue with Solzhenitsyn’s vision of Soviet repression in “How we burned in the camps later”. Fleming says, persuasively, that the Soviet way will not be ‘the American Way:’

“It’s not gonna be like that. It’ll be more subtle, like the LAPD arresting the harmless Moroccan filmmaker for daring to make a crappy movie that disses He Who Must Not Be Dissed [HWMNBD].

“You’re a maker. You’ll do something… like not pay your ObamaTax on time. Maybe deliberately.

“Or maybe you’re paying for things in cash too often.

“Or nobody has a right to make fun of HWMNBD, and you told a joke.

“They’ll come and evict you. A moocher family will quickly move in. They’ll have lists: takers and moochers. Don’t you know, it’s payback time? He promised them Revenge, remember? It’s somebody else’s turn to enjoy that home you have created.

“Will your neighbors defend you and chase the deputy sheriffs away when the come for you at 10PM? Not likely, they’ll look out, see the police cars, and close their blinds and wait for their turn with a growing sense of dread.

“Once a week, the cops show up late at night, no flashing lights, and the neighborhood slowly changes.

“These are the local police, not the Federals. You obviously did something bad, and the Courts will sort it all out.

“Yeah, the Courts, where the cops, laywers and judges get paid no matter who is in charge. You know, those Officers of the Court who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, that abstract old deeply-flawed document written by a bunch of DWEM’s that doesn’t have much relevance to the problems of today. And jeez, what can one judge do anyway, he can’t stand athwart the train tracks of history and stop the speeding Federal express, and he has a family to feed.

“And what does “sworn” and “oath” mean anyway, it doesn’t mean sworn sworn, where he has to put his life and family at risk to defend a flawed scrap of paper.

“You’ll be alone, surrounded by moochers, and no one will lift a finger to help. Your friends and neighbors will turn away. Zimmerman in Florida, Moroccan film maker in LA, abandoned by their nieghbors, who all say “We’ll let the legal process play itself out, if he’s done nothing wrong, he has nothing to fear”.

“You won’t be able to get the word out on the Internet, because goohoobingbook will instantly claim it’s hate speech or something and take it down.

“You’ll be left with nowhere to go. They’ll offer you the places the moochers just left. Or, they’ll have “resettlement zones” for your wife and kids, and for you, nothing.

“Of course it can happen here. They’re pruning the tree of Liberty one twig at a time. You never see it happen, but one day, the tree is dead, and you’ll wonder how it even happened, it was such a glorious and strong tree. And then a golpe, the tree will fall, and you’ll see it was hollow with rot for a long time.

“The time for taking a stand is coming.”

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    wellcoin as a subtle takeover tool

The next totalitarian societal takeover may be much more subtle and much more effective than any we’ve seen over the last 100 years. I guess it depends on how much time they have to implement their plans. The subtle approach takes much longer.

Yeah here’s my brief look at “wellcoin” merged with Apple Watch and insurance and what it might turn into.  This subtle approach will take a while, but where it could lead looks pretty unpleasant.

“First you reward people for good behavior.”

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