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Contaminated shoes spreading it everywhere

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  • Thu, Apr 02, 2020 - 03:56pm



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    Contaminated shoes spreading it everywhere

Fecal spread – when you flush your toilet without closing the lid there is a virus laden plume of droplets heading everywhere including your floor.  You may be asymptomatic, but that doesn’t matter.  You’re still infectious.  That gets on your shoes and shoe soles.

When you go to the high traffic public area to, for example, buy groceries, you track those viruses into the store and/or you pick up same from the fecal spread from others or the cough/sneeze droplets from them that have settled to the floor.

You then travel home where you carefully disinfect your groceries and wash your hands… having spread the virus onto your floors and carpet via your shoe soles.  Especially if you have very young kids or pets, those viruses will eventually spread to hands and then faces.

Why isn’t there a widespread call for ALL people to have separate indoor and outdoor shoes?  I saw video of people in China wearing plastic grocery bags over their shoes.

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    Contaminated shoes spreading it everywhere

I have a pair of waterproof boots kept in the carport.  Put on when I leave the property, take off and leave outside when I return.  Can put in shallow pan of bleach solution and spray down.  Also, spray floor of truck cab with disinfectant.  This has

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