‘Contact Tracing’ is an Attack on Liberty Using Our Phones to Spy On Us.

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    ‘Contact Tracing’ is an Attack on Liberty Using Our Phones to Spy On Us.

A Californian woman recently posted a video to YouTube in which she described having taken courses and being awarded certificates of competence as a ‘Contact Tracer’. https://youtu.be/qFUyZWw7qoc

In the video she describes how contact tracers will operate and the powers they will have to enforce isolation and quarantine on infected persons and those who have been exposed to infected persons respectively.

I have attempted to distill the essential points made in the video below:

The governments of every state in the union are actively pursuing what they call ‘contact tracing’ allegedly for the greater good to ‘protect’ us from Covid-19. However, the programs they propose, with the aid of modern technology provided by Apple and Google, are invasive and far reaching, completely ignore the protections guaranteed by The Bill of Rights and threaten the fundamental liberty of every American.

If these ‘contact tracing’ procedures are put into effect, using powers already signed into law many years ago, the surveillance of the Soviet spy state will fade into insignificance. The policies are touted as ‘voluntary’ but, it is clear that if you don’t volunteer, you will be unable to board an aircraft, train or a bus, unable to enter stores or public buildings and, even if you are perfectly healthy, you may be forced to go into repetitive 14-day periods of quarantine just because you were too close to an infected person.


Procedures for isolation or quarantine. (Washington State. wa.gov)

At his or her sole discretion, a local health officer may issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine in accordance with subsection (3) of this section……. http://Www.doh.wa.gov/forpublichealthandhealthcareproviders/emergencypreparedness/isolationquarantine#optionsnon

Contact Tracers are being recruited and trained to administer a program which can enforce periods of isolation on infected persons, enforce multiple 14-day periods of quarantine on anyone who has been ‘exposed to an infected person’. They can remove infected individuals or their children from their family home if they cannot prove that they have ‘adequate’ facilities, such as two bathrooms, and force them to be isolated in a hotel room.

The training courses are being given at institutions such as Johns Hopkins University under the aegis of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) and Partners in Health. https://learn.astho.org/products/making-contact-a-training-for-covid-19-contact-tracers

These invasive attacks on our fundamental liberties are being aided and abetted by Apple and Google which are together preparing mobile phone apps which will facilitate the automatic tracing of infected people and anyone with whom they come in contact. Facility to use these apps, such as access to your contact file, is allegedly included in the latest iPhone update to iOS 13.5

“Once enabled, users’ devices will regularly send out a beacon via Bluetooth that includes a random Bluetooth identifier — basically, a string of random numbers that aren’t tied to a user’s identity and change every 10-20 minutes for additional protection. Other phones will be listening for these beacons and broadcasting theirs as well. When each phone receives another beacon, it will record and securely store that beacon on the device. At least once per day, the system will download a list of the keys for the beacons that have been verified as belonging to people confirmed as positive for COVID-19. Each device will check the list of beacons it has recorded against the list downloaded from the server. If there is a match between the beacons stored on the device and the positive diagnosis list, the user may be notified and advised on steps to take next.”


If you are tested positive for Covid-19 your test result will not be protected by patient confidentiality. Privacy protection of the Constitution becomes null and void. Your identity may be passed on directly to law enforcement for inclusion in the database.

February 2020 Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services BULLETIN:HIPAA Privacy and Novel Coronavirus

Disclosures to Prevent a Serious and Imminent Threat Health care providers may share patient information with anyone as necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health and safety of a person or the public–consistent with applicable law (such as state statutes,regulations, or caselaw)and the provider’s standards of ethical conduct. See45CFR164.512(j). Thus, providers may disclose a patient’s health information to anyone who is in a position to prevent or lessen the serious and imminent threat, including family, friends, caregivers, and law enforcement without a patient’s permission.


I have followed most of the links provided in the video and they all check out as legitimate.

It is clear that contact tracing is on the wish list of many governors and other politicians. I believe that, if implemented, such a program would infringe upon our constitutional rights to an unacceptable degree and must be resisted to the full extent of our ability. What do you think?

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    ‘Contact Tracing’ is an Attack on Liberty Using Our Phones to Spy On Us.

Contact tracing is a legitimate public health function that has been used for decades to help investigate and contain infectious diseases. It’s how we know that X number of people got sick at restaurant Y salad bar, for example. I’ve been involved in it myself for investigating outbreaks of mumps and measles. (I’m a Public Health Physician)

Contact tracing simply means figuring out where an infected person has been in order to try to determine where they got the disease, and then also figuring out who else has been exposed. It does not require use of technology (such as phone tracking apps)

I think a good analogy is crime. It’s possible to solve a crime without relying on facial recognition and video cameras everywhere. Investigating a crime doesn’t violate rights. But setting up cameras with facial recognition to scan crowds so that the data is there in case a crime is committed DOES.

Same with contact tracing. Contact tracing per se does not violate rights. But the use of phone apps certainly does- or at least it does if it’s mandated (not voluntary)

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    ‘Contact Tracing’ is an Attack on Liberty Using Our Phones to Spy On Us.

Contact Tracing – Scarier Than You Can Imagine!

I cannot think of a more important subject at the moment. Take a listen…….

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    ‘Contact Tracing’ is an Attack on Liberty Using Our Phones to Spy On Us.

Mass disobedience would be the only hope of nullifying this but people are so full of fear of COVID now I doubt that this would happen.

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