Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation Threads

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    Re: Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation …

From pinecarr’s LDS Preparation Manual thread……

Direct link to the manual in pdf form:

Link to site

Many, many thanks and a great find pinecarr!

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    Re: Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation …

Petraviolet started a thread called “Free downloads of the “Where There is No Doctor” book series”, at .  The link posted (below) contains really useful information that I thought was well-worth highlighting on our consolidated preps thread.


This is a link to PDF downloads of the book Where There is No Doctor (mentioned by Chris in his “What Should I Do?” section on health)

The link also has PDF files of the other books in the series (Dentist, Women’s health, etc.), as well as other health-related downloads. [/quote]

I had previously bought a couple of these books hardcopy at Amazon because the info they contained seemed so valuable.  Now you can download them (and more) for free!  Thanks for pointing us to such a great resource, PetraViolet!


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    Lisa Melgoza

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    Introduction to Permaculture

Highly recommend you look at the new “updated” Intro to Permaculture videos

North Carolina State University (Prof Will Hooker’s)  29 video “Introduction to Permaculture”  lectures are at:

In addition, I-tunes added 13 of the lectures and probably will finish adding the rest at a later date. 

It’s under itunesU, but you can just go to the “store” and in the top right corner, type Introduction to Permaculture. You will see HS 432             Intro to Permaculture, look below  the red NC State Univ (box) and under “Description” you will see HS 432 lectures 2003 and HS  432 lectures 2010.  Click on 2010.

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    Gas cans for safe storage and fueling

Gas cans for safe storage and fueling.


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    Good information and a much

Good information and a much needed one that can be used in it.

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    Arthur Robey

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Dear chap,

I know that you have got to make a living, but please try to be considerate. 

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