Coming off the rails

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  • Mon, Jan 05, 2009 - 10:00pm



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    Coming off the rails,,3860761_start_48_end_449_type_video_struct_11487,00.html?mytitle=Coming%2Boff%2Bthe%2Brails%2B-%2Bhedge%2Bfunds%250D%250A

I wonder why I enjoy following American politics more than my own. And it’s still just another day of mind numbing spin that sends the masses in to a false sense of security. This fiscal stimulus, will it be recorded in history as the holy grail of economic salvation? Or worse the day we all woke up from this spending nightmare.

Who is pulling Obama’s stings, because we are now all singing from the same hymnbook. Seeing with more clarity than I could have ever thought possible. The money just keeps on coming, just as if there were no limit as to how much could be spent, there is now a hint of desperation in Obama.

Take the view from an average Jo who is listening with clarity.


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