Chris on TV – Channel 5 Boston’s “Chronicle”

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  • Sat, Dec 22, 2012 - 12:17am


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    Chris on TV – Channel 5 Boston’s “Chronicle”

Last night, Chris appeared on Channel 5 Boston TV's news magazine, "Chronicle."

The program focused on people preparing for an uncertain future. Given that the air date was scheduled to coincide with the last day of the Mayan calendar, we were feeling a little vulnerable that the news stream might decide to paint Chris as some kind of bunker-digging prophet of apocalypse (it's happened before)

But the Chronicle team did quite a nice job, IMO.

They captured many of the high notes of Chris' message and gave particular focus to the practical and positive approach that we all pursue here at

Have a look for yourself (click on the image below and wait for player to load):

It's good to see Chris (and other Pioneer Valley residents!) get air time in a major media market. We are working to see if we can make that happen with growing regularity in 2013.

We're observing that more media outlets are finally beginning to be able to engage with our material without fear of immediate ridicule, as so much of what Chris has foretold has now come to pass (I guess that's what a popped housing bubble, $100/barrel oil, a Great Recession, and $2 trillion in thin-air money will do for you). Perhaps next year will be the one when the masses finally prick up their ears…

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