Chris Martenson Meetup Group

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    Chris Martenson Meetup Group

OK, this is an open inquiry to all of the brigade members AND specifically Chris. 

I’m considering starting a Meetup group here in S. Florida. There are 6 million souls down here and ZERO groups, save a small fledgling peak oil group, that are even remotely related to our most interesting and evolving times. So, how do I do this? Do I need to bounce the agenda/content off of (Chris specifically) so as to assure that inadvertent misrepresentation of the message and/or straying from the message is avoided? Or is this something that is frowned upon for the very reasons just mentioned? 

Open forum. Please discuss. 

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    Ed Archer

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    Howdy,First off you need a


First off you need a membership on before you can actually post a new group but the cost is minimal. I suggest that in order to help advertise maybe Chris should buy a membership and allow people to create and post meetings all over via his profile.

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