Chris Coming to Southern California?

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  • Thu, Dec 06, 2012 - 07:23pm


    Adam Taggart

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    Chris Coming to Southern California?

We're considering flying Chris out to Los Angeles for a meeting with a possible site partner. But the cost of the trip for that single meeting may be preventative from both a $ and a time-lost standpoint.

Making the trip would be a slam dunk if we could combine it with a speaking event or two in the Southern California area.

For our SoCal readers: do you know of any organizations that would be interested in producing such an event? If you do, please let me know either in the comments section here or by emailing me.

The good news is, we're flexible from a timing standpoint – meaning we can arrange our meeting around the event date.

We'd love to get Chris down there (as many of you have requested). Hopefully, with your help, we can make this happen.



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