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CharlesnSmith the left decent into fascism

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  • Tue, Apr 18, 2017 - 08:33pm



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    CharlesnSmith the left decent into fascism

Has anybody read C.H.S. artcle. Called the left’s decent into facism?  I know he is a regular contriibutor  here.  But what a misirection it is!  Whose in power now, the left? Not a chance. Its all misdirection. The left would spend us bankrupt helping out poor Americans with al kinds o government cheese. But the right would like to impose Greek like austerity on those peoples shut down depts of energy and education and epa so there will be more money for munitions. To invaribly further the neocon wars..  Maybe the Clinton’s and Obama were left facists? But don’t point your finger around.

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