charlatan alert – Robert O. Young – not a doctor

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  • Mon, Aug 30, 2021 - 11:26pm

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    charlatan alert – Robert O. Young – not a doctor

I went on tonight (8/30/21) and there’s an article about Japan halting it’s use of 1.6M doses of Moderna vax due to contaminated vials. The 1st half of the story seems legit – it’s been confirmed by many sources.

However, they have a link to a video on BitChute by Mr. Young:


I did not know who he is. But he seemed very “off.” I thought I was watching an SNL parody. A very unfunny skit.

at 22:00
he claims “hemoglobin is what provides immunity to the body”
the interviewer asks him, “not the white blood cells, macrophages?”
He says, “no, white blood cells are sanitation engineers”

Cuckoo!! Looney bin!! Not a conman, like Frank Abagnale. This dude has zero insight. He’s psychotic.

Robert O. Young has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license. (Yet Fauci still lurks in the sewer pipes…)

‘pH Miracle’ Author Robert O. Young Sentenced

his journal article is odd, and non-scientific, creepy. If anyone wants a good laugh….


the journal ‘integrative molecular biology and biotechnology’ is fake, even though it has a website:

I wonder. Could sCIAeon be a front company? Of medical journals? Hmmm. But, who would be so sneaky??

Ramola D is quite an asset — in an Operation Mockingbird-y sort of way. She must’ve flunked out of acting school.

unfortunately, “doctor” Robert Young has several videos on BitChute. So I asked them to take down his garbage. We’ll see.

I posted a derogatory comment on – will they fix it???  Anyone can make a careless mistake. Are they compromised?

the last thing we need is to be promoting information by someone who’s so easy to discredit.

BIG PICTURE: for global elites, certain topics ARE worth creating disinformation on — 5G, graphene oxide, contamination in the vials  — just like Quinta Columna made a clumsy attempt to suggest that Pfizer vials were contaminated with GO. (Which doesn’t mean they arent, btw.)

Please add any other charlatans to this list so we can mock them.

  • Tue, Aug 31, 2021 - 01:23am

    Primary Care_MD

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    charlatan alert – Robert O. Young – not a doctor

I gotta give credit — they removed the article within 2 hours of me notifying them.

Bitchute — no response so far.


Robert O. Young is frequently associated with Dr. Judith Mikovitz and Sasha Stone.   Does anyone know if those two are also controlled opposition?

  • Tue, Aug 31, 2021 - 04:09am



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    charlatan alert – Robert O. Young – not a doctor

Its important to be carefull where you get information,. When you read ”anti-vax debunking” articles they always focus on the most outlandish theories. There is a great case for not taking the vaccine using only sources witch even the most fervent pro-vax person cant refuse. If you on the other hand use sketchy people as your sources no one will be convinced by your argument, this may be the goal of posting posting videos with outrageous claims of vaccine toxicity.

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