Chapter 19, etc

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    Chapter 19, etc

As someone who has spent his life engaged in a completely dysfunctional relationship with money, I continue to find your "lessons" compelling,brilliant, simple, and thoroughly terrifying. I’m trying to wrap my head around the concept of getting Excited about the challenge we humans face instead! Which of course is the better path, and connected as I am to the future by my children, I need to put aside that terror in favor of engaging the challenge that is here now. (I make it sound so simple!) While acting locally is a good idea, we have to get this nation to 1. Recover it’s place in the World community, so that the US can 2. both think and act Globally to convince even those poor bastards who only just got their 1st CAR YESTERDAY! that they have to give it back! The huge first task is EDUCATION, which you are beginning so well. I’m going to start by getting as many people as I can to look at this Crash Course (genius title….2 titles in One!). Including my Senators and Congressman, who just "block up the Halls…..". I wonder, after the events of the past week and those continuing around the corner, whether Americans are yet ready to cop to the level of GREED that we have come to regard as normal? EXPONENTIAL CONSUMPTION! Is there a cure?

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    Re: Chapter 19, etc

Boy have  you ever paraphrased my thinking.

If murder what the crime of the last century, (1 in 22 people lost their lives violently), then GREED is the crime of this century and of the two GREED is likely to be even more devistating that WAR.

The last century was so productive in killing people because we developed technologies that could kill so much more efficiently and allowed us not to watch closely as we saw a man’s life slowly leave him as we sunk swords into his chest.

Greed allows us all to peacefully consume without any regard for the finite limits of the resources needed to maintain that consumption.  It is much more dangerous because the virtues we hold dear are also the virtues that will destroy us. (Multiple or broken families for example all draining our resources if the divorce rate were not so high. We would not need 2 houses for 1 family if we could just get along.)


I just like the intelligence of your thought.

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