Central Indiana

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  • Wed, Mar 25, 2020 - 06:24pm

    Steven Baney

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    Central Indiana

Reaching out to others in the greater Indy area.  Let’s connect and muse together on all things coronavirus, economy, energy and environment amidst these incoming turbulent times.  Chris Martenson outlined in a personal post on the The Beginning of the End thread what steps he has taken over the past couple of weeks to be better positioned and prepared.  He admitted being excited and at the same time experiencing deep anxiety over what potentially is to come.  What steps are you taking to thrive during the coming changes?


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    Central Indiana—Northern Hamilton County

Here in the northern part of Hamilton County life goes on. Living in a three-generational household, where it’s me (60 and retired), son & fiancé; and grand daughter (2.5 y.o. toddler) We, like all Hoosiers are now experiencing “Shelter in Place” as part of our daily routine. Life in a small town is probably a great deal different than it would be in a much larger city, so it’s hard to compare the two. Without taking a “long” drive to town, we can drive/walk to the local CVS, Dollar General or our local market in town. These stores don’t have everything we might need, however neither does the Walmart, Meijer or other stores in the larger towns.

We were able to get most of the things we needed back at the end of January thanks to the alert that Chris and Adam put out. It definitely helped to have a Costco membership, but we also went to Home Depot, Lowes, Meijer, etc., to pick up the items on our lists. We didn’t “hoard” anything as we always left plenty of stuff on the shelves for others to purchase. We were able to get canned goods, rice, pantry stable boxed goods, disinfectant sprays, paper towels, germicidal strength bleach, hand sanitizers, extra 90-day refills on my prescriptions, et al, etc., most of the items are things that I would never have thought of without Chris/Adam’s help.
Thanks So Much for your research and information that you provided (free) to your readers back then!! It has proven invaluable to our family(s).
I have been a reader here since the Great Recession (’08) and finally became a subscriber at the beginning of 2020. The information available here is priceless when compared to many other newsites.

We are planning on having a larger garden this year. We have a small fenced backyard, so there is not a lot of room, however we have several raised beds that we grew a lot of veggies in last year. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, rhubarb, lettuce, and plenty of herbs. We also have raspberry and blueberry vines planted. I believe we are going to plant some beans and potatoes this year, along with radishes, corn and cucumbers. Would like to add 4 backyard chickens again, but we are not “allowed” to have them here.
My daughter and I took a gardening class down in Indy a few years ago. (2013 at Distelrath Farms) The first year I had 1 tomato and 1 pepper plant along the sunny side of our house. Over the past several years, we fenced the backyard, installed several raised beds and compost beds and grew an amazing amount of food in a VERY small space. One year we lost half of our backyard to watermelons that I overplanted and they just took over! I didn’t have the heart to prune/cut them back so I just let them grow. The Sugar Baby’s and Dixie Queens were delicious though. We had several “volunteer” Titan Sunflowers grow to about 12 foot in height last year. They grew out of our compost beds uninvited, but definitely appreciated. The finches LOVED them!
Overall, we are doing well (so far). Getting a head start on buying things when they were available helped out tremendously. We “prepped” for several families ahead of time and then my youngest son and I distributed that at the end of February when things started to get out of control. (Didn’t ask/inform the other families, just included them in the preps. They were very appreciative when we brought over the supplies, by that time most stores were out of TP, paper towels, hand sanitizers, rice/beans, bleach, etc.)
I believe this is going to be with us for a long time, (shelter in place, stay home from school/work, grocery stores out of most items)…so we need to make sure what we have on-hand lasts for a long time. What surgical style masks we were able to find are starting to run low, so we are already spraying them down with peroxide or isopropyl alcohol and reusing once they dry out (thanks dtrammel). Probably not the best protocol, but it’s better than not having any. Looking into ways of making our own cloth masks using the patterns online.

Both my son (food service) and his fiancé (chef) are now out of work. It’s a completely new paradigm for them with everyone home and little to no income for the foreseeable few months.
Found out today that a close loved one might have Covid-19. Low grade fever, heavy cough, oxygen levels are dropping slightly. No travel history, so they most likely will not get tested.  The available “tests” are not really available unless you are extremely sick or are presenting to the ER at the hospital; (or a famous athlete or celebrity I guess). I can’t believe this is happening in the United States! How can we be so far behind other countries health care systems?

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