Celebrating The Dog

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    PK – Papa Kilo –

Just lost this fella in March, Impacted so many lives. Loving Life Wonders since last century. Master and Legend of the Ozarks ecosystem and already an old wise one when I found him heading to the healing waters of Buffalo river in the Summer of 2008. He knew how to get what he needed. You can’t take the Mountain out of the Dog.  More images http://www.lowgap.net/K9/PK-Papa Kilo

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    Sure Rwrek. Lets see your cat.


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    Adam Taggart

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    re: Debate: What about Cats Effects on Humans?

Rwrek wrote:

I do not dislike dogs at all, but prefer cats.

What effects do they have re: human companionship? Surely they are similar?

Rwrek –

Yes, research shows cat-owners receive similar benefits — just not to as high a degree as reported by dog-owners (source here)

But this post isn’t intended to put forth a “dogs are better than cats (or any other pet)” argument.

If you have an animal companion who enriches your life and provides you with emotional and social benefits, celebrate them here!



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    Reply To: Celebrating The Dog

My interest is herders. Not sure if I’ll do Border Collies again, or Belgians. I’ve been fortunate to friend several Belgian Trainers and “pups” since the special forces are in the Area. Herders are not for the meek.  If you never read Donald McCraig you’re in for a treat. https://www.amazon.com/Dog-Wars-Border-Battled-American/dp/0983484503   Cat Sense and Dog Sense recommended reading also.

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    "Kaz" – tastrophe and a" Pawko" lypse

Kaz & Pawko

They have earned their names!

  • Thu, May 30, 2019 - 05:56pm



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    Dogs make life better

I don’t have a pic with me and my two dogs [except one with my arm in the shot], but I’ve posted a mini montage of said hounds.

My 2c is that not only is the adage “dogs make life better” absolutely true, but I think humans are even happier with their canine friends if the dogs have their own canine companionship too, or if they can be regularly socialised with other dogs. It’s arrogant to think that a human would be the best companion for a dog. Like us, I’m sure that they make the best connection with their own kind. I’d be quite distressed if I felt that my dog(s) was(were) incredibly lonely for canine companionship, hence the reason to get my two.

Mine are rescues*, from the same centre. They’re utterly inseparable [see the evidence], and they spend all day long in one another’s company.

As a final note, if you or your friends are considering getting dogs, PLEASE first:

1. Properly research and understand the commitment required from you as an owner. This is not some casual commitment to be switched on and off;

2. Understand the breed you are getting. Dogs’ needs vary significantly from breed to breed. And for heaven’s sake do NOT get a working dog [e.g. a collie] if you live in a tiny space, or if you cannot exercise it for at least 2 hours a day;

3. Consider getting your dog from a rescue centre – especially if they’re overflowing. Anyone who has visited one of these places knows how terrifying and distressing it can be for dogs in that environment. I will not go anywhere near a breeder, nor own a pure-bred animal…. the genetic defects are just way too commonplace. If you’re certain that you’ll only ever own a certain breed then reconsider. You’d be surprised how easily your mind can change when you make a connection with an animal. Ultimately the breed – or even the species – doesn’t matter at all.

*I’ll admit that I’m uncomfortable with the word “rescue”. I didn’t rescue anything. I just turned up, looked around, and bought a new friend. But hey, that’s the term in mainstream use.


Bruno & Sam

  • Thu, May 30, 2019 - 07:02pm



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    A key trait of my dog, Rowdy

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    Reply To: Celebrating The Dog

Here is Reina. We found each other on the streets of Mexico six years ago when she was a baby

  • Fri, May 31, 2019 - 03:15am



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    "cats love us despite themselves"

my intuitive companion Zman adopted at age 4, now blind but very devoted. thank you for including kitties. I am not able to care for a dog but this little guy has gotten me through a lot.

  • Fri, May 31, 2019 - 04:07am

    robie robinson

    robie robinson

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    Sporty dog

lived 15 yrs. raised and defended my family. Here is a video made many years ago. The voices of the children have moved.

Had I known what they were up to I wouldn’t have allowed it. Like so much in parenting children and husbanding a dog, their imperatives are undeniable.


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