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CC and Transition Towns

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  • Sat, Aug 13, 2011 - 06:37pm



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    CC and Transition Towns

 I am curious to know whether others have used the Crash Course as part of the awareness-raising stage of a Transition Town movement in your area. If so, how did it go? What did you learn? How did you frame the event as part of the TT movement and incorporate the CC into it? 

I am currently working on how I want these presentations to go, and would welcome feedback from others who have done it before. What are the most common sticking points? Where do people usually get tripped up either intellectually or emotionally? What strategies have you used to move past these points? And how have you integrated CC into the framework of TT? 

Frankly, it is my opinion that our fledgling litte TT movement in our town must rethink the framework laid out by the founders of the movement because Peak Oil and Economic Collapse are already here. The general concept is to take time to raise awareness, essentially around the three Es, to build a broad movement within the community until there is enough energy gathered to do the "Great Unleashing" and form working groups around different topics. To me, there isn’t a lot of time left to take, and forming working groups of people who are interested and engaged WHILE we are raising awareness elsewhere, seems logical. I’m interested to hear what other TT groups are thining about this.


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