Canadian leader shuts Parliament to keep power

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    Canadian leader shuts Parliament to keep power

This just announced:

  • Fri, Dec 05, 2008 - 06:01am



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    Prime Minister Harper Protects Democratic Process

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been granted a reprieve by the Governor General
from opposition parties that have formed a coalition to overthrow the
conservatives. Governor General Michaelle Jean agreed Thursday morning
to Harper’s request to shut down Parliament until he can present a
budget on January 26th.
Canadians voted to return the minority Conservative Government lead by
Harper just 7 weeks ago. The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc had a plan that if
they lost the election, they would conspire to combine their strengths
to take political power, according to a recorded phone conference. This
is not an issue of what is best for Canadians who voted already, these
are selfish political schemes to usurp the democratically elected. At
least one MP has called this to be a treasonous plot.

The Governor General decided a cooling off period would be best,
allowing the Conservatives to immediate prorogue Parliament, ending all
debate. Prorogation ends a parliamentary session and allows the
government to start again at a later date with a fresh throne speech.
It typically happens when a government has exhausted its legislative
agenda, not before it’s even begun.

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    Re: Canadian leader shuts Parliament to keep power

Harper has not intervened in the Canadian economic downturn. He has not as yet offered any bailout packages to anyone and the people who have lost their livelihoods are mad.  The next 7 weeks will be interesting to see if the Liberals try to take Harper down, and what Harper’s strategy will be to save his skin.

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    Harper Does The Right Thing

The best course of action is to NOT BAILOUT those in trouble. Since when has Government intervention done anything but make matters worse for the public? It would be foolish to give taxpayer savings to US auto plants in Ontario, let them close.

Canada has the best fiscal policy of all the G-20 nations – why would it follow the examples of the worst? The people of Canada voted for Harper because he has a better grasp on the economy than the opposition, the facts show this is true. It would be foolish to let some desperate politicians gain power by promising to spend saver money to bailout losers.

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    Re: Harper Does The Right Thing

I agree with you John50,

Bailouts will not help anybody in the long run and I beleive he did the write thing by giving his Governement a "Time Out" to cool down and come back with a reasonable plan and policies that will help people and families.

I do beleive that the government can step in and help by:

1) Making jobs through rebuilding the infrastruction ((which is badly needed in the USA)).  Without a sound infrastruction we will not be able to compete in the future.

2) Make loans available based on sound principles to organizations with very well thoughtout business plans.

3) Programs to retrain the workforce for jobs in the future, not meaning free programs but ones they pay back through the new jobs they would get after being trained.

4) Revamp welfare on a national level to stop abuse and help people get off of welfare and onto a better life ((Wisconsin has a good model for this as I understand it)).

In short, programs that individuals and companies work with the community and government to make things better at a tangable level.

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